Device Manager: Code 39

Device Manager: Code 39

One of the more common device manager errors is code 39, although this code tells normal computer users nothing at all, it does tell Windows experts a lot, and in most cases the problem is easy to solve.


The main causes for this problem are:

  • A required binary file for the device is missing,
  • A required device driver is missing
  • A driver is pointing to an entry point in a binary file that is unable to load
  • There is a problem with the file it’s I/O process.


Solution 1: Microsoft Fix-it tool.

Microsoft made a fix-it to automatically detect and solve problems with devices that are not working, it’s advised that you try this first.

Microsoft Fix-It


Solution 2: Re-install drivers

The next solution you should try is to re-install the drivers for said device, you can do that this way:

  1. Open Start
  2. Type “Device Manager
  3. Hit enter or click Device Manager
  4. Right-click the Device that is causing problems
  5. Click on Uninstall
  6. Download the latest drivers for your device


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