Apple Mail vs Outlook Comparison Chart : Choose the Right Email Service

Do you want to compare Apple Mail vs Outlook, but still confused? This is the most common question that comes in the user’s mind. All your searches end here. Because, in this article, we are going to help you make up your mind through deep comparison and difference between Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook. Keep reading to know more.

Apple Mail vs Outlook Mail: Differentiate & Discriminate which is Better?

Apple Mail and Outlook are email clients but there are plenty of differences between both services. The following tabular information covers the comparison between Apple Mail and Outlook.

S.No.ParametersApple MailMicrosoft Outlook
1.AppearanceApple Mail offers a pretty clean and straightforward appearance. It has two column layout that includes search bar and the capacity to show the mailboxes in different ways. Also, the menu tree remains same from one version to another, but it seems a bit cluttered.The appearance of Outlook is also very clean and simple to use. It provides many options but easy on the eye. It is very easy to navigate any data on Outlook as it offers 3 options: Focused, Quick Filter and Other. Also, the Outlook design language has become modern.
2.OrganizationIt is easy to view emails in full screen and portrait most on iPad with ease. But, if talking about navigation, Apple Mail seems to like having the controls but it is a bit difficult to find emails on some devices.It is difficult to display the Outlook emails in full screen. Because, in an iPad, the left column does not show while trying to view it. But, it has many control options that help in navigation.
3.StorageThe storage capacity depends on how users are using the application. If you have your own server, then storage capacity is defined by your mail hosting not the application otherwise your storage capacity may be limited.The storage capacity of Outlook is same as the Apple Mail. It totally depends on whether you are using your own hosting or not. However, it is possible to get the huge storage capacity if you have emails and attachments.
4.SecurityApple Mail provides better security options rather than Microsoft Outlook. It saves sensitive information and does not impose any risk of losing data.There are some security risks while dealing with crucial information for normal Outlook users. Because, the security is not the greatest with ActiveSync protocols.

What Outlook Offers that Apple Mail Doesn’t Provide?

Apple Mail renders various terrific features for users, but Microsoft Outlook might be a better choice for some users. There are few things offered by the MS Outlook that users will not get with the Apple Mail.

  • Multiple Accounts Support

MS Outlook allows working on the various accounts. If a user is using an iPad or iPhone, then Outlook makes users capable to use a Microsoft Exchange email address, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and iCloud. These all are fed into just a single application. However, Apple Mail also provides the same feature but it cannot filter the emails like Microsoft Outlook.

  • Attachments

The process of adding attachments in MS Outlook is very simple. Because, generally, it links with the various online storage accounts like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. It makes the process of adding attachments in Outlook easy and does not need to take any extra steps. But, in the Apple Mail, you need to perform a few extra steps when you want to use Dropbox or Google Drive for adding attachments.

  • Contacts & Calendars

MS Outlook provides contacts and calendar option within the mail app. It is very beneficial for users as it becomes very easy to keep the address book and schedule the appointments, meetings, etc. inside the Outlook. However, with the Apple Mail, emails, contacts, and calendars are three separate applications and they are not integrated at all.

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A Scenario where User Wants to Compare Outlook and Apple Mail

“A few months ago, I just started a new job and for the first time in my professional life, I am a full-time Mac user. Actually, I work for a small organization and we have the option of either using Apple Mail or Outlook as our email client for sending and receiving emails. I have always only used Microsoft Outlook, so initially, I opted to use Outlook program. But, now I am realizing the Mac machine is a seriously a stripped down version of what I am used to operating with. Therefore, today I switched to the Apple Mail, just to see what it’s like in comparison, and so far I am just lost. How can I know the difference and similarities between Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook?”

The Final Verdict

After following this article, you must clear the confusion of Apple Mail vs Outlook 2016. We have also discussed the need of users when they need to know the difference between Apple Mail and Outlook. However, both applications have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of user interface and data security. So, users can choose any of them according to their requirements.

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