How to block Apps from using the Microphone in Windows 10

In a previous article we discussed how to block apps from using the Webcam in Windows 10 to protect your privacy. However, if you want to protect your privacy even more or for any other reason don’t want your apps to be able to access your microphone than you can choose to block it completely in Windows 10.

In this small article we will show you how to block apps from using the Microphone in Windows 10 and hopefully help you answer your questions on how to do it. You can of course also use this article to re-enable access to your microphone in Windows 10.Let’s get started!

Block Apps from using the Microphone.

1. Begin by going to Settings and choose Privacy as shown below.

2. Then in the left pane menu choose Microphone as shown below

3. To block access to the Microphone drag the slider to Off.

That’s all you have to do. It’s quite easy and only takes about a minute of your time. Once you’ve blocked complete access to your microphone you will be able to give certain apps access to your webcam and other not. Once you change the slider to off you will see the options to do this appear

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