How to Clean Boot Windows 10 and Windows 8

There are multiple reason why you want to clean boot Windows. Perhaps to troubleshoot problems you might have with Windows Update, or with playing a game. No matter what the reason, disabling all non-Microsoft services can in many cases help you solve your problems.

This tutorial will show you how to Clean Boot Windows 10 and Windows 8.

How to Clean Boot

1. Begin by typing “msconfig” in the Cortana Search Box and then click on MSConfig (Run Command)
Or on your keyboard press the Windows + R key at the same time and type Msconfig in the run window, then click on OK or hit enter.

2. Now choose Selective Start-up

3. Remove the check from Load Startup Items

4. Click on the Services tab

5. Check “Hide all Microsoft Services” and then click on Disable All

6. Click on Apply and then on OK.

A message will appear that you need to restart your system, do this, you will notice that in many cases Windows will boot a lot faster. This is normal since many services that used to run before now, no longer run.

Animated: How to Clean boot Windows 10

How to Disable Clean Boot?

It’s the same as how to clean boot, only then you check the boxes, and click on Enable All on step 5.


Did Clean Boot solve your problem?

Then a service is causing your issue, I suggest you turn on 5 services at a time, reboot and then see if the problem reappears, keep repeating this until you find a group of 5 services, which are causing this issue, then check the one by one, till you find the one which is causing your issue. Please be aware that this is quite time consuming.

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