5 Common Office 365 Issues and Solutions – Let Us Know

In today’s arena, Microsoft Office 365 is gaining popularity as the cloud-based service. It has become the most popular email client among small or large scale businesses. Moreover, users can easily access their data from anywhere at any time and keep the crucial data safe. However, Office 365 has some drawbacks and most of the users are not satisfied with its service. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss top five Office 365 issues and solutions in an absolute way.

Office 365 Common Issues and their Solutions

Go through the following issues that may occur in MS Office 365 cloud-based application. Some of them are discussed below along with their solutions:

1. Difficult to Perform Migration

Amongst all issues with MS Office 365, migration could be the worst. In addition, users must be aware of this kind of O365 issues. It also includes some issues that are listed below:

  • Managing hybrid solutions
  • Problems syncing with MS Exchange
  • Implementing the Add-Ons
  • Hard to convert via legacy solutions

Solution: The fruitful approach to resolve Office 365 common issues is let take help of IT professionals with the conversion. It will help to prohibit downtime, users should have to ensure about the properly migrated data.

2. Office 365 is not 100% Web Based

Office 365 is considered a cloud version of Microsoft Office Suite. Although some applications are not available in the cloud, which includes Access and Publisher. It totally depends on the bandwidth, users business might end up using a desktop version of MS Office 365 application.

Solution: There is only one way to resolve common issues in Office 365 is to increase the bandwidth. Make sure that only use a cloud-based version of this application. Here note is an offline access option is more beneficial if users network went down.

3. Complications of Getting Support

Among all issues, the biggest issue with MS Office is to get the overall support that users want. Furthermore, Microsoft does not facilitate any support system to deal with every support request. It directly means that users have to wait for many days to get a reliable or efficient solution.

Solution: Fortunately, users can hire an appropriate software as their support services.

4. Few Conflicts With Bandwidth

It is the most common issue in Office 365 is to search for enough bandwidth. When a client is doing a lot of work in an online mode so, at that time he/ she need sufficient bandwidth. This is basically true if a client is managing bulk files in OneDrive.

Solution: The only way to overcome this issue is to contact with your internet service provider (ISP) for higher bandwidth plans.

5. Confusion to Overlap Application

When users may check all the applications that are offered by Office 365, the list is impressive. But, sometimes, it creates a tiresome situation for users to determine which application is used for what.

Solution: The reliable method to fix this issue is to look at the capability of every application and examine which comes best for business needs.

Bottom Line

In the above discussion, we have discussed Office 365 issues and solutions in a clear way. As we all know, Office 365 is the Web-based email client and mainly preferred by professional users. As per the user’s concern, it is the best email program, but because of a few issues, users may get into a difficult situation. Thus, we have covered the best five Office 365 issues along with their solutions in a detailed manner.

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