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What are we looking for?

WindowsInstructed is looking for people who love to write about Windows and everything around it, we summed up a checklist below, if you love one of those, then perhaps WindowsInstructed can be a home for your articles, posts, tutorials, images and everything else, as long as it’s related to Windows!

  • You love writing troubleshooting tutorials?
  • You love writing explanatory articles about features?
  • You love writing about software?
  • You love writing about new Windows features?
  • You love writing news about Windows?
  • You design or make images about Windows?
  • or anything else you really like to do?

Did you say Yes to one of them? Then what are you waiting for? Contact us!

Any commitments?

No! You can choose to post an article each day, week or month. We do not require for you to post a specific amount. However, if you post more than 4 articles a month you’re will be eligible for a private email account and more.


Fill in the form below, and we will contact you within hours!