Convert MBOX to EML Files in Incredible Ways Without Any Hassle

“I need to convert MBOX files to EML files without losing any attachments. Kindly facilitates me any reliable solution as I want no data loss while implementing the conversion procedure. Suggest me the prominent technique for this. Any help and suggestion would be appreciated for sure. Thanks.”

In today’s arena, there are several email applications are present in the marketplace that provides multiple file formats. Out of them, MBOX is the most prominently utilised file format being used by several email applications like Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail, Entourage, and much more. Moreover, MBOX is the mailbox file that consisting all mailbox components in one single file.

In some circumstances, MBOX email application users need the conversion of MBOX files to EML file format, especially when they have to save specific email messages. And the amazing part about EML file format is its compatibility with other email programs like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, and so on. So, in this article, we will be going to discuss the top 2 techniques to perform conversion from MBOX to EML file format without any data loss.

What Troubles do users Confront with the MBOX format?

Most of the MBOX format users find an alternative to convert MBOX to EML file format. There are a few reasons behind this conversion. Some of them are outlined below, you just need to read them thoroughly:

  1. It does not permit a user to store individual email messages.
  2. EML file format does not integrate with any kind of compatibility issues. It is compatible with email applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live mail, making it more useful to the users. Additionally, MBOX is not compatible with many email programs.
  3. Like MBOX file format, the EML file also stores email messages and it is basically integrated with Microsoft Outlook. The EML file, over and above the text, can also systematise the attachments.
  4. The formatting of an EML file is as same as to that of an MHT file, and this option makes it easy and simple to open an EML file in the Internet Explorer. You can also open an EML file by utilizing a text editor, for example, Microsoft Notepad. This is not probably possible in the case of MBOX file format.

How Can I Convert MBOX to EML File Format Manually?

In order to convert MBOX to EML file format. Here, in this segment we are going to discuss some simple steps, you just need to follow all of them to get a better outcome. Mainly, this conversion procedure is divided into two workarounds:

Workaround 1: Using the Save As and Save Selected Messages feature

1. With the help of “Save As” option

  • First of all, choose an individual email message that you need to export, or press CTRL + A to opt all the email messages exhibit in the existing folder. After that, right-click the selected emails and click on Save As from the provided options.
  • Here, choose the folder path where you require to save the EML files by selecting the Select Folder button.

2. With the help of the Save Selected Message option

  • Initially, choose a specific message that you need to migrate, or press CTRL + A to choose all the email messages present in the existing folder. Afterwards, right click on the specified emails or select Save Selected Messages. Lastly, choose an EML Format to proceed forward.
  • Then, choose the folder path where you need to store the EML files by choosing the Select Folder button.

Workaround 2: Utilizing Import/Export Utility

Mozilla facilitates an add-on named Import/Export inbuilt utility for saving all the email messages in the EML format in a single go for Mozilla Thunderbird. Once you have launched it, then simply follow the below-outlined steps:

  • Firstly, open the Thunderbird application and navigate to Tools using the Menu Bar and then hit on Add-on.
  • Now, select Install add-on from file utilizing the setting icon.
  • Choose the file from the location where you stored it previously. And then, click on the Open button.
  • Here, hit on Install Now button. When you have done with it, click on Restart Now button to proceeding forward.
  • Once you have completed that, you can utilize it to move messages into EML file format with the help of below-mentioned steps:

    • Navigate to Thunderbird and choose the specific folder which you need to migrate. After that, right click on that specified folder followed by selecting ImportExport Tools. Then select Export all Messages in the folder. At last, hit on EML Format.
    • Lastly, choose the folder where you need to store the EML files by selecting the Select Folder button.

    An Eminent Solution to Convert MBOX to EML Format

    As we all know that, the above stated manual solution having some limitations that may affect the procedure badly. So, to overcome all the limitations. Here, we come up with an alternative named MacWareTools MBOX Converter. With the help of this application, a user can easily and simply convert their MBOX data file to EML file format without any data loss. Additionally, it furnishes an easy-to-use interface. So, a non-technical user can also avail it without taking a professional help. Mainly, it maintains the integrated structure of email after conversion procedure. Moreover, it consisting some amazing features that help in performing a successful conversion procedure.


    The manual solutions having some limitations that affect the conversion process badly. So, it is advised to opt MBOX Converter Mac application. It furnishes ultimate features and functionalities to perform the conversion procedure. Thus, a user can go with any one of them as per their desire.

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