How to Convert MBOX Files to PDF | Best MBOX Conversion for MAC

Working on Mac OS and having MBOX file goes hand in hand, as Apple mail is a email client that consists files in MBOX format. Many a times we need our documents as PDF format. Since Portable Document Format is a platform independent format and goes handy, i.e, if we need to have a printout of our vital docs, PDF format is all we need.

Now, how do we convert MBOX to PDF Mac? The good news is there are couple of manual as well as automated ways available to convert MBOX to PST and PDF format. PDF format is heavily needed for the purpose of legal evidence, college reports for students, medical reports or even in the forensics for analysing data.

Let’s move ahead in this article to see what are the methods for MBOX conversion into PDF.

Why Do We Convert MBOX to PDF?

Yes we do need to convert MBOX files into PDF format for following reasons:

  • To have a hard copy of important emails.
  • A system that doesn’t support MBOX format, we need PDF format
  • To analyse data thoroughly in Forensic department.
  • To have a strong backup of some very precious documents.
  • To provide our documents a secure and safe location, other than our machine.

How to Convert MBOX to PDF with Attachments?

First we will learn the manual ways to do this task. Go through the steps mentioned below to open MBOX in PDF:

Method1. MBOX to PDF Free – Apple Mail

  • Open Apple Mail Application
  • Navigate to File tab and then Import Mailboxes
  • Choose the files in MBOX format in the Import box >> OK
  • Browse the location of the old MBOX file >> Done
  • Inside the Oh my Mac header you can see all the emails.
  • Now, choose emails one by one under the MBOX Import Folder. >> Right click on email >> File >> click Save As
  • Next, choose the PDF format of files to be saved and do the same for all mails in the Import Folder.
  • You can easily convert all your MBOX mails to PDF like this.

Method2. Convert Thunderbird MBOX File to PDF

Not just for Apple Mail, but the MBOX file of Thunderbird email can also be converted into PDF format manually, and that too is just 2 steps. How? Let’s see.

  • Step 1. Import the MBOX file
  • Step 2. Export to PDF

Let’s discuss how these two steps work-

Step1. Import the MBOX file

  1. You need to copy the targeted MBOX file and drop it inside Thunderbird default database folder.
  2. Now Restart Mozilla Thunderbird application.
  3. The targeted MBOX file will be visible in the menu of Thunderbird account.

Step 2. Export to PDF

Now you have to export the above imported file into PDF format.

  1. Open Thunderbird and >> Tools
  2. Choose Import Export Tools.
  3. In the drop down menu, click on Export all messages in the folder >> then PDF Format
  4. A prompt bar will appear with message that attachments won’t be saved. Click OK to proceed further.

Shortcomings of the Manual Methods

Although manual methods are an inbuilt solution, but these acquire some drawbacks too.

  1. Manual methods need higher expertise in technical field. It could be a little harder for the naive users to perform these.
  2. Any small fault or mistake at any point might cause user’s data into trouble. One may lose all their data.
  3. Not all manual methods are capable to convert the attached files with emails.

Expert Solution – MBOX to PDF Converter

MBOX Converter is a one stop solution to convert MBOX files into PDF format instantly. The software is secure, trustworthy and also covers all the areas where manual methods fail to work. MBOX Converter tool quickly transforms MBOX to PDF with attachments for Mac Operating System. Users can also convert MBOX file into other formats like EML, PST, NSF, MSG, HTML along with PDF via this software in few simple steps.

Bottom Line

It is not necessarily important that only manual methods can be used to convert MBOX files to PDF, but sometimes, in order to save time and for security purposes, user may opt for the MBOX to PDF Converter software. It is upto users to choose the desired solution among the manual and automated solutions.

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