Quick Way to Delete Duplicates in Outlook Contacts 2016, 2013

One of the times when you import contacts from several resources and add them to your own contact list, you notice the annoying duplicates generating shamelessly. These duplicates not only take up the space but also are stubborn and do not get deleted automatically.

For a frequent user of Outlook, it becomes quite monotonous to select each duplicate entry and then remove it from Outlook address book. Here are some ways to prevent and remove duplicate emails in Outlook , also how to delete duplicates in Outlook contacts manually, as well as automatically when you get a lot of them. Let’s go through the whole article.

How to Delete Duplicates in Outlook Contacts Manually?

Here we are going to analyze 2 best manual methods and one automated professional solution Outlook 2016 duplicate contact remover tool as well. Its up to users to choose whichever method they find interesting and more convenient in order to eliminate duplicate contacts in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 versions.

Method 1: Remove Outlook Duplicate Contacts One by One

  • Open MS Outlook & go to People.
  • In Current View option, hit on views box >> Phone. Now you can find all the duplicates here.
  • In the contact list, long press Ctrl and select the duplicates one by one.
  • Click Delete after selecting all replicates.

Method 2: Export and Import Method to Delete Outlook Duplicates in Bulk

To delete Outlook contacts in bulk, you can follow this approach:

  • Step 1. Open MS Outlook
  • Step 2. Go to People.
  • Step 3. On your current Contacts folder, right click and choose New Folder and Rename it.
  • Step 4. Go back to the folder Contacts, & choose all contacts (Ctrl+A)
  • Step 5. Now, to move your contacts to the New folder, you can either:

i. Drag all and drop them to new folder.

ii. Press shortcut key Ctrt+Shift+V >> Move to Folder >> Choose your new folder

  • Step 6. Go to File >> select Open & Export >> Import/Export

Important Tip: To Delete Duplicates in Outlook 2010 Contacts, click File >> Open >> Export and move directly to step 8

  • Step 7. Choose Export to a File
  • Step 8. Now choose Comma Separated Values
  • Step 9. Choose the same new folder created earlier.
  • Step 10. Save file to your desired location and then hit Finish.

Import Back the Contacts to Your Outlook

  • Step 1. Go to File >> Open >> Import
  • Step 2. Choose Comma Separated Values
  • Step 3. Browse the new folder created earlier.
  • Step 4. Pick the option Do not import duplicate items
  • Step 5. Select the primary Contacts folder for destination, which is empty and >> Finish

Final Step: Here is the final step in the process to delete duplicates in Outlook mailbox:

    • After performing all the above steps, you have to copy all the contacts from the new folder created to store duplicates, to the main Contacts folder.
    • Now, if you ever get a duplicate again, a pop up will show up with two options:

1. Select Add new contact if the contact isn’t a duplicate.

2. Select Update information of selected contact if the contact is a duplicate.

  • Choose the required option as needed.
  • Now, click Update. And click Update All to make the same option for all replicated contacts.
  • When you copy back all contacts, delete the new folder that you created to store duplicates.

Method 3. Expert Solution – Outlook Duplicate Items Remover

The method to remove duplicate contacts in Outlook 2016, 2013 & 2010 in bulk, elaborated above is a powerful method. Via Import/ Export, the duplicates can be completely avoided. But, the only fact that still remains uncovered is, how can we remove duplicate contacts if we already have a large no. of duplicates existing in our Outlook account? Worry no more. Outlook Duplicates Remover is one such Expert solution to remove Outlook duplicates in bulk and making your account free from any kind of duplicates like emails, contacts, calendars etc. The software doesn’t even cost much. It is a genuine and safe tool to remove duplicates, without making any data-loss to user.

Bottom Line

The task to remove duplicates in Outlook requires some efforts if you go with the manual solutions. Although we can completely prevent any duplicates in our Outlook account if we apply the Import/Export method. But Outlook Duplicates Remover software is a professional solution to remove duplicates in any amount, with efficiency and is capable to delete duplicates in Outlook contacts, emails, messages, calendars etc. effortlessly. Users can easily make their choice whether they want to remove the duplicates or prevent the duplicates.

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  1. Thanks for the article. After syncing some contacts I had a ton of duplicate contacts. Your article helped a lot.

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