Do I Really Need to Backup My Office 365 Data? A Must Know Guide?

When we talk about backup of O365 account with users, the first reaction of users is – “Why do I need to backup Office 365? Microsoft looks after my O365 data. “

If you also think like that, then bad news for you.

No doubt, Office 365 provides amazing application services to their customers. But, it is transparent that Microsoft does not backup O365 mailbox(es) data. Originally, Backup is a method used to save a copy of data on a location that is directly accessible by a user to restore it whenever it is essential.

how to backup data from office 365

Although, Microsoft’s fundamental work is to maintain Office 365 infrastructure and Geo redundancy. Both things make sure the availability of data in case of site or hardware crash. As a result, users always remain workable in case of server or infrastructure failure.

Sadly, there is no utility provided by Microsoft in Office 365 suite, devoted for backup purpose. However, the in-built options like archiving, litigation hold and data retention have different significance. They are not meant for backup procedure.

Now, it totally depends upon the users how they backup Office 365 mailbox data and protect them from human error, malware attacks, phishing attacks, ransomware and so on.

Perhaps it is considered that many O365 users get the answer of, Do I need to backup my Office 365 data? Now, the next question comes how we download important mailboxes data on local platform? Because Microsoft does not provide any method for the same. Therefore, there is a requirement of a robust backup solution. So, read this blog and know a reliable way to save MS Office 365 mailboxes on local system.

Technique to Backup Office 365 Data on Designated Location

As a backup, if you are planning to download Office 365 mailbox to PST on computer or laptop, you will be glad to know there is an automated software, entitled as, SysTools Office 365 Backup to save your time and efforts. It is a 100% secured utility that converts one or more Office 365 mailboxes data such as mails, calendars, contacts into equivalent PST or EML file formats. And, with this tool, there is no need to follow a long sequence of steps in order to achieve the task. Just a few simple clicks are required to copy O365 data (even bulk data) on local drive.

Here’s the free version of the software for trial use:

What you really need to know is that the major inbuilt functionalities of Office 365 Mailbox backup tool. All of them are described here.

The software offers two popular file types to export data from Office 365 users account. One can save the data in Outlook PST and EML format without any hassle. In fact, when a user saves emails in EML, it provides file naming convention option. User can opt any convention like Subject, Subject_From, Subject_DateTime (DD-MM-YYYY) for naming the emails.

This tool has all the filters, which are used to make data export procedure more smooth and facile. Initially, users can choose any data folder from the list of mailboxes and convert them into desired format. After that, there is a Date Filter that evangelizing only a range of emails that sent or received within a specified timeline.

All in All, Software Supports Every Office 365 Subscription Plans

Office 365 Backup Tool offers various flexible options that help you to perform backup task effortlessly. This utility resolves all the doubts of users when they feel is it necessary to backup Office 365 mailboxes and how to do it. Moreover, the comprehensive support towards O365 plans makes this tool at peak in its domain. Also fits perfectly well when there is need to backup Office 365 emails. You can automatically download data from following plans.

After knowing about the backup solution, now, check out the working of tool.

Steps to Backup Office 365 Emails on System with the Tool

First, you need to download and install the demo or full version of software on Windows platform. After that, execute the below steps;

Keep Data in Hand and Prevent Disastrous Data Loss Situation

That’s all about why do I need to backup Office 365 data and mailboxes. After all, saving a copy of data on local environment provides credibility in data loss scenarios. So, it is must for every user who works on O365 to download an extra copy of mailbox(es) on local drive and use whenever it is required. And, with Office 365 Backup tool, the user is able to export Office 365 data quickly and efficiently.

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