Best 3 Methods to Add Google Apps Email to Outlook Conveniently

Ever since a big number of users as well as industries are rushing from Google Apps (now known as G Suite) to Office 365, due to the premium plan of Office 365 introduced by Microsoft. Now it becomes quite interesting area to explore what makes such a huge number of users move from G Suite to Office 365, also, how to add Google Apps emails to Outlook.

Basically, one of the features of MS Office Suite is Outlook, a widely known email client. The special fact about Outlook is that we can access it offline! We can analyse our data, read messages, access them even when there is no internet connection.

Most of the companies intend to work on MS Outlook, for say, business purpose, sharing emails and so on. Therefore Outlook becomes a mile stone for that purpose. Now, the question is “How to move the whole data to Outlook if they want to switch from Google Apps to Office 365?”

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Let’s move ahead to get a clear picture on how to export G Suite email to PST.

Methods to Add Google Apps Email to Outlook Manually

There are multiple manual ways to migrate G Suite email to Outlook. Have a look on the following methods:

Method 1. Configure Google Apps Mail in Outlook

  • Install & Run Outlook
  • Configure Outlook account with G Suite account following below steps:

1. In Outlook, click on Tools >> and tap on Account Setting

2. Under the E-mail tab >> select New

3. To select E-mail Service, choose among following: MS Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP, >> Next.

4. Enter your details: name, email ID, password.


  • For Gmail ID: put
  • For G Suite ID:

5. Check the box ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types‘ >> Internet E-

6. In the Settings: Enter name, email address

7. Choose IMAP in the dropdown menu of Account Type.

  • Incoming server name :
  • Outgoing server name (SMTP) :

8. Provide your full Gmail address in the ‘User Name’ field.

9. Click “Next“.

10. Go to Tools >> choose Options >> select Mail Setup.

11. Inside Email Accounts >> click E-mail Accounts.

12. Choose the account you wish to create >> tap on Change

13. Press on More Settings >> Advanced tab

  • Put Incoming server – 993, with SSL encryption.
  • Put Outgoing server – 587, with TLS encryption.

14. Now choose Outgoing Server tab & check the boxes “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires
authentication” and “Use same settings as my incoming mail server

15. Press OK >> Next >> Finish >> Close >> OK

  • Once the above configuration is completed, you can easily access the Google Suite data
  • You can find the Outlook PST at:

C:\users\username\Documents\Outlook Files

Method 2. With Google Takeout

Google Takeout is helpful for the purpose of moving data from Google Apps. It is simple to run and has easy interface so that any user can run it.

User needs to follow the below steps to use this utility:

  1. Sign-In to Google Apps account.
  2. Navigate to My Account >> select Personal Information & Security >> choose Create Archive
  3. Select the data items you want to include in the archive file >> press Next
  4. Choose the file type (.zip) and the Maximum Archive Size
  5. Select the option Send the download link through email >> tap on Link Account
  6. Now Create Archive
  7. Once the archiving finishes, download & extract the Zip file

Drawbacks of Manual Methods

Manual methods are free of cost but do not come easy. These have some drawbacks as well. On needs to perform manual methods carefully, otherwise there can be serious downfalls.

  • The MBOX file created via Google Takeout are not readable for Outlook. We need other third party application to convert MBOX to PST.
  • Manual methods are time consuming procedures. These take a long time to move data.
  • There is always chance of corruption in the data while performing the manual steps.

Expert Solution – Easily Add Google Apps Email to Outlook

As an alternative and better solution for the migration of Google Apps emails and data, users can use Google Apps Backup Tool. Gmail backup to PST software is safe, reliable and a fast solution for instant data migration. The software consists of multiple formats to backup emails like MBOX, PST, EML & MSG.

As a suggestion, it is advised to first use the free version of the tool and then only go for the full version.

Bottom Line

In a thorough analysis, we came to the know the various methods to add Google Apps emails to Outlook. The manual method are helpful and automated solution has also been discussed here. Users may go for manual solutions primarily, and if the data to be migrated is huge, then go for the risk free automated solution.

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