Best Way to Move Google Apps Gmail to Office 365 – Quick Migration

People always prefer best and reliable solutions for their organisation and business. Similarly, it is very difficult for them to select the best platform for data management. Moreover, cloud-based platforms are becoming popular among the users. Now, both Google Apps and Office 365 are the versatile cloud-based services. However, users opt for a feature-rich and reliable suite as per the requirements of company and the employees. Thus, Office 365 turns out to be more suitable for enterprise-level uses. Nowadays, more and more Gmail users are switching towards Office 365. But the major issue arises when the user is not able to find a simple and reliable way to perform Google Gmail to Office 365 migration. Therefore, we are going to explain a step-by-step process to move Gmail to Office 365 in a trouble-free way.

A Complete Guide to Move Gmail to Office 365

In this section, we are going to introduce different methods using which the user can migrate Google Apps email to Office 365.

Method 1 – Manual Gmail to Office 365 Migration Step by Step

Step 1: Domain Verification

First of all, the user has to verify to Office 365 that he/she owns the domain used for his/her Gmail account.

Step 2: Creating User and Adding Them to Office 365

The user can easily insert single or multiple users to Office 365 as per the requirements.

  1. From the Admin Center, you need to click on Users > Active Users. After that, click on More > Import Multiple Users option
  2. For Single User, click on Add a User and enter the values manually. For multiple users, use Import Multiple Users option to download a sample excel sheet and use it as a reference to add users.
  3. After compiling excel sheet, you need to click on the Browse button from the Create and Upload File screen.
  4. Finally, click on Verify. After getting a confirmation click on Next.

Step 3: Creating Gmail Mailboxes Migration List

While creating the export file, user must know the password of each Gmail mailbox he/she wants to migrate. Additionally, temporary passwords can be assigned to the mailboxes at the time of migration. However, the user must be an administrator in G Suite to reset the passwords. One can also migrate mailboxes in batches for Google Gmail to Office 365 migration.

  1. First, you need to Sign In to G Suite/Gmail admin console using admin username and password
  2. Now, choose Users and then select the list of users in the Google admin centre
  3. Next, you need to select each user to identify the user’s email address and note down the addresses
  4. After that, sign in to the Office 365 Admin Center and navigate to Users > Active Users
  5. Start Excel and enter credentials such as email address, username, and password for each mailbox which you need to export (enter 1 mailbox per row)
  6. Finally, save it as CSV

Step 4: Creating Migration Endpoints with Gmail IMAP

A simplified communication channel is established with Gmail to successfully migrate Gmail to Office 365. For this, Office 365 make use of migration endpoint.

  1. Navigate to Exchange Admin Center and then go to Recipients > Migration > Migration Endpoints
  2. Now, click on New+ and on the new page you need to select IMAP
  3. On the IMAP migration configuration page, enter details such as:
  4. Click on Next. Now, the migration service will use the settings to establish the connection to the Gmail system. Enter General Information page opens if the connection works
  5. Now, in the Enter General Information page, type a migration endpoint. Leave the other 2 boxes empty and click on Next

Step 5: Move Gmail to Office 365 by Creating Migration Batch

  1. In Office 365 Admin Center, go to Admin centers > Exchange
  2. Now, in the Exchange Admin Center, go to Recipients > Migration
  3. After that, click on New (+) > Migrate to Exchange Online
  4. Select IMAP migration > Next
  5. Next, on Select the user’s screen you need to click on Browse
  6. Select the CSV file created previously and click on Next
  7. After validation, Office 365 will display the Gmail mailboxes. Now, click Next
  8. You have to continue with the default values on the IMAP migration configuration windows and click Next
  9. Now, on the Move configuration page, you have to type the name of the migration batch in the box. Additionally, you also have to provide the folder names which you want to exclude. Click on the Add(+) icon and insert them into the exclude list
  10. Finally, on Start the Batch page, provide the required details and begin the migration process

Step 6: Update DNS Records for Direct Gmail to Office 365 Email Migration

  1. From the Admin Center, you have to click on Settings
  2. After that, click on the Domains and select your domain name. Now, it will display ‘Setup in Progress
  3. Next, you will see the Setup Completed notification

Method 2: Automated and Safe Approach for Gmail to Office 365 Migration

For most of the users, it becomes a complicated task to perform the manual procedure correctly. If the steps are performed incorrectly then it can also lead to data loss issues. Thus, for instant and hassle-free migration from Gmail data to Office 365, it is recommended to opt for an automated solution i.e. SysTools Google Apps to Office 365 Migration Tool. With this utility, user can migrate emails, contacts, and calendars of Gmail account to Office 365 in just a few clicks.

Final Words

Most of the organisations migrate from Gmail to Office 365 as Office 365 provides better performance, management and security options. Thus, in the above-mentioned section, we have explained a complete procedure to switch from Gmail/Google Apps/G-Suite. However, for trouble-free and instant migration, it is recommended to opt for the automated method for secured migration.

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