Why is my computer running slow and how do you fix it?

1. Removing software you never use

Software uses space on your harddrive and it has in many cases processes which run alongside everything you do. You might not know it, but I’m sure that at least 20% of the applications in your Software overview haven’t been touched in weeks.

1. Open Start and type Control Panel

2. Then under Programs choose Uninstall a program

3. A huge list will appear with all the programs on your system

Now the next thing you’ll have to do is scroll through the list and start removing applications you never use. Please do know that you should not remove programs like Microsoft C++ and Updates, to be sure just stay away from any Microsoft Product.

For example I sorted the list on storage space in use and started looking, do I still play Simcity? No I do not, right-click remove. Do I still use Microsoft Visual Studio? Yes I do skip. If you do the same and just delete anything you don’t want any more you can save a lot of space!

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