Why is my computer running slow and how do you fix it?

2. Remove Unwanted PUPs and other Mess from your system

Now that we’ve successfully removed all that crap that you never used anymore from your system we can move onto more important things: PUPs, toolbars and so on. They slow down your system so incredibly much that’s it becomes annoying. I use Adwcleaner at a lot of people computer when they ask my help and they always see and feel the difference.

1. Download Adwcleaner from their orginal website (Watchout! A lot of fake copies are going around!)

2. After downloading start the application, read and agree to the terms (if you agree of course).

3. Then click the Scan button

4. After the scan finished make sure that it’s not going to delete System files so check if anything is in the System32, Windows or SysWoW folders, if it is then uncheck it

5. Click on Clean

6. Let the program reboot your system

After rebooting you should really feel the difference, especially if it found multiple things. Don’t expect a faster computer if all the tabs were empty, because then it did nothing.

If you ready to cleaning up with AdwCleaner then click the next button below!

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