Why is my computer running slow and how do you fix it?

3. Removing Scheduled Tasks (Autoruns)

We are getting along quite fine aren’t we? At this moment I hope that your system is already running faster than it was before. We now going to talk about Removing Scheduled Tasks with Autoruns. Autoruns is a program from SysInternals and it’s a great tools to clean-up certain things.

1. Download Autoruns from Microsoft Technet

2. Unzip the program and run autoruns.exe as Administor

3. Wait for the program to show Ready in the left corner.

Autoruns: Ready
Autoruns: Ready

4. Now open the tab Scheduled Tasks

Within this Window you see all programs that have Tasks scheduled to be executed, make sure to disable stuff like Spotify and such if you rather do that yourself. Please be aware that disabling certain programs could disable these programs or make them stop working.

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