How to Add an Account in Windows 10

Windows 10, like all Windows versions before it, has the ability to have more than one user, use the system. Each one of these users can have their own Account so files and settings are personalized for each user of the system.

Windows 10 supports the following accounts:

  • Administrative Accounts (Administrators)
  • Normal Accounts
  • Guest Account
  • Assigned Access Accounts

This article will show you how to create an Administrative Account or Normal User Account in Windows 10.

Add an Account in Windows 10

1. Click on Start and choose Settings (or type Settings in the search box and then click on Settings)

2. Now click on Accounts

Windows 10: Account

Windows 10: Account

3. Now click on Other User Accounts

4. Now click on Add an Account

Windows 10: Add A Account

Windows 10: Add A Account

Now choose which account you wish to add, see below for the instructions for each account.

Add a Microsoft Account in Windows 10

5. Now enter the Microsoft Account email in the box (This is your Live, Outlook or MSN mail address).

Windows 10: Microsoft Account

Windows 10: Microsoft Account

6. Click on Next, the account will now be created)

Add a Local Account in Windows 10

5. Click on Sign in without a Microsoft Account (not recommended)

Windows 10: Signin without Microsoft account

Windows 10: Signin without Microsoft account

6. Now confirm your choice by clicking on Local Account

7. Enter the User Details

8. Click on Next, the user will now be created

Windows 10: Local Account

Windows 10: Local Account

Add a Child Account in Windows 10

5. Click on Add a Child’s account

Windows 10: Add a Child's Account

Windows 10: Add a Child’s Account

6. Now choose if they will use their Microsoft Account or a Local Account

7. Follow the instructions on the screen.

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