How-to change the Colors in Windows 10

Windows 10: Change Color

How-to change the Colors in Windows 10

Have you set-up some colors that you don’t like in Windows 10 but can’t find a way to change it? Then just follow the steps below and I will get you trough changing it 🙂

Changing the Colors

1.Right-click your Desktop and choose Personalize 

Windows 10: Personalize

2. Then click on Colours at the left side of the Window

3. You can now choose any color you like


Windows 10 then also automatically determ the best background for your current background image. If you like this then simply tun on the slider at the option “Automatically pick an accent colour from my background”. If you want your colour to also appear on the Start Menu, Taskbar or Action center then also turn on the option “Show colour on Start, Taskbar and Action Centre”

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