Troubleshooting Windows Windows 10

How to fix taskbar search problems in Windows 10

We hear and see it quite a lot; “Windows 10 simply don’t want to search anymore from the taskbar” but what can you do about it? There are quite a lot of solutions you should give a shot and see if they help.

Update your Windows 10 version

The main reason for most people that their Windows 10 search is no longer working is because they are running an obsolete version of Windows 10 on their system.

The fix for this problem is one of the more easier once in this article. It’s simply updating your system to the latest version available. You can run Windows update by going to Settings and then Update and Security.

Restart your computer

While it might sound like a solution the avarage IT support agent would give you it’s a quite good one. In most situations, this does solve the issue. Give it a shot, if it doesn’t work then simply continue to the next solution below.

Restart the Windows Search Service

It could be that your Windows Search Service has gone bad. Try to restart it by following the steps below:

  1. Hit the Windows + R key on your keyboard at the same time.
  2. The Run window should appear, now type Services.msc and hit enter
  3. Right-click Windows Search and choose Restart

Check your system for corruption

Another cause for this issue could be system corruption which is always hard to diagnose. We suggest you run chkdsk first and if that doesn’t work you can try DISM.

You start DISM by opening a command prompt in Admin mode (right-click your Windows start button and choose Command Prompt (Admin), then enter the following commands:

  1. Type: “DISM /image:C\ /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions
  2. Then type: “move C:\Windows\WinSxS\pending.xml C:\Windows\WinSxS\pending.old

These steps should solve any issues you might have. If not then feel free to comment and we will try to help you solve the issue. Thanks for reading and trusting

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