How to Merge Separate Videos into One Video.

We’ve reviewed quite a lot of products from Digiarty (Making backups of your iPhone using MediaTrans) and they have been a great sponsor of the website, however while this post is sponsored by the developers of the program our opinion is still our own. In this article we will show you how to merge two video’s together using VideoProc from Digiarty Software.

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Digiarty has also made a video on how to merge video together. You can view that below:

Why would you merge video’s together?

Some devices like Dash Cams in cars, Action Camera’s, DSLR, Surveillance Camera’s and so on have a limited amount of minutes, size or so on that a clip can be and once that limit has been reached the device in most cases close the old file and start a new one. However if you’re making a video about something then you might want these files together.

VideoProc supports almost all video file types so even your MKV file or MP4 file can be converted or transcoded to.

How to merge video’s together.

We begin by opening VideoProc of course. Once VideoProc has opened we click on the Video icon and the Video Screen will show.

Once the Video Screen is visible we click the + (video icon) and we select the video’s you want to merge from your local storage. Repeat this step for all the video’s you want to merge together. Once you’ve done adding video’s make sure the sequence of the video’s is correct.

Once you’re happy with the video’s you’ve picked you can start the merge process. You do this by first selecting a target format and once you’ve picked a target format you can start the merge process by checking “Merge” and then pressing on Run.

Depending on your computer performance, video size and other factors this process may take a while. So sit back, get yourself a coffee or tea and wait for the process to finish.

If you’re not happy with the video’s or want to cut something out of them then you can also select the toolbox in the Video Screen to trim the video for example.

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