Quick Fix to IBM Lotus Notes “File Does Not Exist Error” with Insights

Being one of the most secured and versatile Enterprise level Email Clients, IBM Lotus Notes happens to be slightly prone to some errors. One of the most common errors encountered by users quite often is “IBM Lotus Notes file does not exist error”. If you are stuck with the same error, then this write up surely going to help you out! Get to know all the reasons, solutions and best tips to deal with this error.

First, let’s have a look on the major causes of this error.

Why Do We Get File Does Not Exist Error in Lotus Notes?

Though the possibilities of getting this error can be plenty, we are going to cover some most common ones. Below we are listing the mostly detected causes:

  • If the user attempts to attach such a file that does not reside inside the specified directory.
  • User is trying to access an unavailable file, chances are whether it has been deleted, moved or it was never existing.
  • If the name of the file / directory that is specified, is misspelled or incorrect.
  • A poor network connection.
  • The error even pops up on the start up, due to the missing key files like, nlnotes.dll, notes.dll, nlnotes.exe.

What to Do If the Key Files are Missing?

In such case, try to either reinstall the Lotus Notes email client, or backup them from another system running the same Notes release as you are working on.

  • One more reason to the Lotus Notes “file does not exist” error can be, if the Personal Address Book is not located in the Data directory or it is not named as Names.nsf.

So, here we covered a couple of instances that might cause the error. There may be more reasons other than the above mentioned, but the solution that we are going to discuss further is applicable for all the reasons of occurring this error.

Insight – Is Anything Wrong with the Platform (IBM Lotus Notes)?

If you happen to be a solo user, or an organization using Lotus Notes email client application, and are constantly getting the errors like Lotus Notes mail file does not exist error, or any other issues, you might need to reconsider the platform you are using. The benefits of Lotus Notes are undoubtedly plenty, but you need to be more insightful and see beyond just the security of IBM Lotus Notes Platform.

There are many other email client applications that are way less complicated and more productive, for both the single users, as well as huge organizations. Now, what makes Lotus Notes more complicated and difficult to use application, let’s explore:

  • On premise access, doesn’t provide cloud data storing.
  • Complicated user interface.
  • Economic Factors.
  • High Maintenance
  • Lotus Notes profile can be accessed only on configured machine rather than the other machines.

Tips to Overcome & Avoid Such Errors

Some of these tiny and useful tips can be adopted in order to prevent the “file does not exist error” in Lotus Notes:

  • First of all check for a proper internet connection.
  • The file name you are entering must be correctly entered.
  • Go for restarting the application.
  • In the case all above points are followed correctly and still the error is there, then contact the administrator of Lotus Dominos and ask for help, dictating the whole scenario.

What Can Be The Best Alternative Then?

As we analysed the drawbacks and difficulties with IBM Lotus Notes, we can migrate to some other more convenient email applications like, MS Outlook, Office 365, Live Exchange Server etc. For this purpose, you can go for NSF to Outlook PST Converter tool to quickly migrate Lotus Notes database to some other platforms. There is no such safer manual way to perform the data migration, hence the tool is a secured option.

Bottom Line

Getting mishaps like IBM Lotus Notes file does not exist error is a very common phenomena while working in Lotus Notes email platform. No matter how many times you resolve the errors and hanging / freezing of the application, it will eventually occur over and over again. The only way of performing your tasks smoothly is, you must switch your email client platform to other advanced platforms like MS Outlook, which is comparatively more convenient to work with.

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