How to Insert Page Number in PDF File Instantly with Best Methods

Want to know how to insert page number in PDF documents? PDF or any other document is incomplete without page numbers. That’s why many people are looking for techniques to number PDF pages. To inform this group of PDF users, this writing focuses on PDF page numbering techniques. As you go through this article, you will learn how to add page numbers in PDF file. Before you begin, you should look at the importance of Bates in PDF.

Why to Insert Page Numbers in PDF?

Like any other document, PDF files require Bates numbers. However, some benefits of Bates numbering are listed below:

  • Documents are sorted sequentially with PDF page numbering.
  • It also helps the reader to track their progress reading an Adobe PDF file.
  • Without page numbers it becomes difficult to find a topic in a PDF.
  • This problem is acute for large PDF documents.

After reading these points, we know how important it is to number PDF pages. Now we get to know the method to adding page numbers in PDF file.

Manual Methods to Add Page Numbers to PDF

To number pages in PDF, users can use different methods. Here we discuss in detail the manual method and efficient method for PDF page numbering. Follow the instructions to complete the techniques.

  • Start Adobe Acrobat DC.
  • Open the file to number PDF pages.
  • Go to the submenu bar, click Tools >> then Pages.
  • Select “Header and Footer” and click on “Add header and footer” option.
  • Click on the “Font Name” drop-down menu. Choose your preferred font from the list.
  • Now hit on the Font Size pull-down menu. Select a font size for the Bates numbering of your PDF document.
  • In the Header and Footer text box, click the appropriate location where you want to insert the Bates number. You can choose from Left Header, Right Header, Central Header, Left Footer, Right Footer, and Central Footer.
  • Click on the button “Insert page number“. This will add page numbers to PDF.
  • In the preview window you can see the preview of the formatting you have made. When you are satisfied, click OK.

Limitation of Manual Method to Insert Page Number in PDF

This manual technique has some disadvantages, which are listed below:

  • Several Steps: This manual method to add page numbers to PDF consists of many steps. Therefore, users need to spend a lot of time doing the process.
  • Requires Adobe: This method requires the installation of Adobe Acrobat. To run this method, users must install Adobe Acrobat on their system.
  • Not Available for Protected Files: This method can not be applied to encrypted or protected PDF files. This only works for PDF documents without encryption.

An Efficient Technique to Add Page Numbers to PDF without Acrobat

Keep track of the disadvantages, users are looking for another way for PDF page numbering. With the tool like PDF Bates Numbering Tool the user can insert page numbers in Adobe PDF. With this software, the user can add page numbers to multiple files at the same time. Decrypts the encrypted document and paste page numbers into Adobe PDF. In addition, Adobe Acrobat does not need to be installed on your system. This program is the perfect tool to number PDF pages. Here are the highlighted features of this software:

  • Insert page numbers in PDF in the stack.
  • The print option is available after PDF page numbering.
  • Here you can set the position of the Bates number.
  • Provides multiple Bates formatting options for Adobe PDF.
  • Also add prefix and suffix data with page numbers.
  • Adds bates to encrypted PDF files by decrypting.
  • You do not need to install Adobe Acrobat on the system.

Final Words

PDF page numbering is an essential element of any PDF file. It will be necessary for the users to insert page numbers to PDF for multiple purposes. With this post, users have learned the solution for numbering PDF pages. The manual method is also discussed but does not guarantee success in every case. In contrast, the automated solution can insert page numbers in Adobe PDF.

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