Know Office 365 Import Service Limitations and How to Overcome

This article provides Office 365 import service limitations that user faces. Apart from the drawbacks of Office 365 PST import service you get a way out to move Outlook PST file to Office 365 cloud.

Office 365 Import Service Performed by Drive Shipping Method

There are many issues that all user faces using and managing the Outlook data file. The biggest problem that they face is the complexity of the admin panel of eDiscovery. The other is taking the backup and protecting data that leads to corruption.

Importing Outlook PST into Office 365 Exchange Online is an extraordinary strategy to evade Office 365 Import Service Limitations. So Drive Shipping service of Microsoft allows the user to get the import service in use by uploading and importing Outlook PST files to Office 365 account. Drive shipping gets the PST files to a hard drive and then ship the Hard drive to Microsoft data center physically.

Office 365 Import Service Limitations – A Bitter Truth

This part of this blog uncovers the migrations issues of Office 365 import services. We mean to say we will tell you the Office 365 Import Service Limitations that come while importing PST to Office 365.

Issue 1: Location Identification Problem of PST Mailbox

The first problem that the users face in the Office 365 Import Service is, finding the location of PST folder. The most user has an idea about where to look for PST data files or how to find the PST Outlook files. Typically these files are found at the end user devices and in the network drive. However, searching those file via Drive Shipping does not help users to find all those PST files that are imported from PST to Office 365.

Identifying the owner of the PST file is very easy because it may be attached to an Outlook user profile. However, when the user makes use of network drive they get the users and perceive owner’s name. It makes the whole process unhealthy and unsafe to use as the data can be forged by anyone.

Issue 2: Outlook PST Centralization

Assembling all Outlook PST files in a central location before uploading or using the drive shipping is a very typical task. Shipping them all into Office 365 account takes a lot of time. Each PST file is associated with some other account. Hence the impact of moving that amount of data across network harms the data.

Due to a large number of PST files, discovering them completely and securely migrating /eliminating them can be a resource-intensive task. This is mainly if the user is not using an agent to determine them. Only after identifying the files and gathering the information from them, users can migrate them into Exchange Online mailboxes.

These files may be corrupted or duplicate if moving them is not done in a proper manner. Then, it is necessitated to ensuring the technique of centralizing data because it can be coping with these conditions. However, the process can be interrupted anytime.

Issue 3: Bandwidth Concerns

The Office 365 data migration uses a lot of bandwidth and it all depends on the type of technology the user is using. Office 365 Import Service is capped on the amount of data that is used per day by any user. Thus, if the user needs to move many terabytes of data then, it can take a long time for data migration. It heavily uses XML for PST to Office 365 migration and it turns into a very bandwidth exhaustive activity.

Overcome Office 365 Import Service Limitations Instantly?

There are multiple ways to import Outlook PST file to Office 365 user account. In the market, there are a large number of third-party tool to move data from Microsoft Outlook to Office 365 cloud. But what is the best for data migration? It’s still a confusion. Well, the answer is Office365ImportTool. We recommend all user to move Outlook PST to Office 365 through this tool and get rid of all the Office 365 Import Service limitations. Apart from this, the performance of data migration from PST to Office 365 is quite easy and fast. Many features of this tool like Data Filter, selective data migration to Exchange Online, increment import makes it unique.


The Office 365 Import Service that we use via Drive shipping consists of a lot of many issues that cause much serious data loss and malfunction activities. Thus, it is suggested to all the Office 365 user to import Office 365 data via other methods in case the data is large. To overcome Office 365 Import Service Limitations we even have listed a tool to move import Outlook PST to Office 365. After using the tool, users will surely realize that it is the quickest way to move PST files to Office 365.

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