Latest Digital Marketing Tools That are Windows Compatible

Every business’s goal is to attract customers who will get their product for sale or avail of the service that they provide. They can achieve this by having a marketing strategy that really works. Businesses are now shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing strategies to keep up with the fast-growing developments in the competitive business industries.

Digital marketing can be very effective for a business if the right platforms are chosen for the business’s campaigns and advertisements. Here are helpful digital tools compatible with the Windows operating system, which are low cost, can ease work and help in every possible way:

Survey Scratching Tools

Despite the emergence of website feedback, online survey tools have evolved and have become significantly useful for digital marketing. Survey forms are used to trace product or service feedback, conduct market research, and measure customer satisfaction.

Survey Monkey

An online-based survey development software that is now being used by millions of business enterprises all over the world. It gives users 15 different kinds of survey questions. This software is cloud-based allowing users not only to create and send surveys but it can also analyze survey information.

Question Pro

This web-based type of survey is designed to create, distribute, and analyze surveys, polls, forms, and quiz type questionnaires. This makes conducting a survey cost-effective in market research.


Power your surveys with beautifully designed and professional-looking forms with this software. This can also be used to collect feedback, take orders, and receive payments for any business establishment.

Graphic Design Tools

Graphic tools for websites and social media pages need high-quality images. Since these are the communication tools that will reach customers. This makes business branding stand out and could make sales for the company.

Adobe Photoshop

This software offers quality graphics and design tools which can be accessed using their Creatives or Illustrator and InDesign Suites. It runs on macOS or iOS and Windows. They offer a seven-day free trial before you can use all its features. Adobe’s creative cloud online software, allows online photo editing, photo effects, and graphic design using the power of the cloud.


If you want more control of your branding and visuals, this can be the perfect tool for learners. It provides graphics that are easier to use and it is filled with pre-design templates. This is perfect for making banners, logos, business cards, flyers, and coupons. Designs can be created online or offline for free.


DesignBold is an online photo editing platform that is easy to use. With more than a thousand layouts in its library, this is a great option for logo and website design. It is easy to use, time-saving, and it can be used by beginners and amateur graphic designers.

CRM Tools

Customer Relations Management tools is a primary requirement in digital marketing. These tools provide customer support and contact management by collaborating and closing sales between customers and the company.


This software is a cloud computing service that allows a business to connect to its potential clients, existing customers, and partners. This helps the business track its customer success and support, customer complaints, and other CRM functions because of the accessibility it offers to customers.


This is an all-in-one software platform that is popularly known for its inbound marketing functions. It is used for marketing, sales, and customer service. It helps the business attract customers, makes them engage with the business, and establish a good relationship between customer and business owner.


This software works well regardless if the business is a small or big enterprise. It automates day-to-day business activities from customer communication with an AI technology that uses chatbot online, it also enables sales and revenue forecasts, and gives an overall dashboard of team performance. With the reports that it can generate, the business is able to make smarter and more profitable decisions.

Visitor Analytics

Analyzing website data can be a daunting task especially for non-technical people. This is a reason why different data analytic software has been developed for use in digital marketing. It gives a view of all simple and complex statistics about how a website is performing.

Google Analytics

This is one of the most popular digital analytics software. It shows an in-depth analysis of website visitors. It makes businesses understand how people respond to their website, which landing page works well, and how long they stay on the page. With the data shown, the business can learn and understand website structure and performance.


This tool is real-time web analytics. Because of its unique structure like RSS and spy, it can get live data from website visitors. It has a feature of getting detailed information about website visitors and this is also highly customizable.

Get Gauges

This tool gives live data of website updates and web traffic like visitors on-site, most visited pages, top content, and bounce rates. It allows single or multiple sites tracking each time pages are fully uploaded. This uses a javascript snippet that is embedded onto the website’s header. This tool can make a business focus on important website traffic metrics with the ease of sharing access to users.

Social Media Management

One of the most important things in digital marketing is social media management and understanding its metrics. This creates an opportunity for businesses to reach out to potential customers and establish branding.

Sprout Social

This functions as a one-stop solution for managing websites and social media marketing. Its functionalities include product content curation, publishing, scheduling, and analytics reporting. Using this management tool a business has easier access to customer messages and it has a bot builder to create chatbots that will handle direct messages to customers. Its publishing calendar enables business owners to have an overview of content scheduled to be posted on their websites and social media sites.

Slack Social

This tool is another social media managing platform for all social media networks. Its features include unlimited profile creation, scheduling, email reporting, profile management, and graphical analysis. This is one of the best options because it offers a free option for general usage and plans for pro users.


This tool is a social media manager’s all around tool – from posts scheduling, customer inquiries, prospect finding, and metrics reporting. It offers several plans for users depending on the needs of the business. It also offers analytics allowing marketing experts evaluate how posts perform on social media pages.

In general, all these digital marketing tools should be able to help a business with advertisements and sales generation because of their availability as well as compatibility with any operating system. During this time, digital marketing determines how a business can influence consumers through the world wide web, with the use of these latest trends, it makes it easier for business owners to compete in the digitally engaged industries.

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