Reasons to Backup Office 365 Immediately on Windows / Mac OS – Top 5

If you are an Office 365 user and still have not got any backup of your Office 365 data, you can be in trouble anytime soon. With the widespread number of ransomware and other malicious attacks around the world, your data is not safe anymore. To keep the damage to the minimum, it is always advised to backup Office 365 and other cloud data. If you are wondering why to backup O365 while they are safe and sound in the cloud, this post is for you. Here, we will focus on the top 5 reasons to backup Office 365.

Why Should You Backup Office 365: Top 5 Reasons?

If you need reason to backup your Office 365 data, there are dozens of them. In this, the post we will convey the top 5 reasons to back up Office 365 data to the readers.

1) Ransomware Attack Your Cloud Storage

The world has seen a number of ransomware attacks in recent time. The attackers are still active and they are ready to attack in different forms. Ransomware is a bit like sand. It gets everywhere and makes your sandwiches crunchy.

Malicious user finds the way to Office 365 account. Social engineering, phishing emails, etc. are there tools to attack your account, and even these can be used to dodge most secure security controls. Ransomware named RANSOM_CERBER.CAD was used to target home and business users of Microsoft 365, the cloud and productivity platform.

If you want to save your data from ransomware attack, the best solution is to have a full-fledged backup of Office 365 files. Backup of O365 data can save you from paying millions of dollars to the attackers, even if they get hold of those data.

2) Data Means Business

When we say data means business, you know that we literally mean it. Every businessman knows that the data bears an invaluable status in today’s business world. The worth of a business depends on worth of the data it owns. If this data gets lost, your business will be of no value. That is why organizations that use Office 365 services should be conscious about protecting their data. Nothing can protect cloud data of Office 365 like a complete backup. All O365 users must protect their data by taking backup on system.

3) Office 365 Backup Policy

Every conscious Office 365 user must know by now that your Microsoft does not backup Office 365 emails after 30 days of deletion. Moreover, the limited storage facility offered by Office 365 often leads to the deletion of emails by tenants. Such situations often result in the destruction of records that might be required in the future for legal or regulatory purposes. So, depending on Microsoft Office 365 backup is a big mistake if your organization

4) Strict Backup Policy in Certain Sectors

Some sectors like legal, healthcare, finance have strict backup regulations. If your organization is part of these industries, you will have stricter rules when it comes to data backup. Regulations like HIPPA, GDPR, and Can-Spam obligate firms to keep accurate and exact record of emails, documents, attachments’ and other data for a long time. It is almost impossible to comply with these regulations with Office 365 backup policy of Microsoft. So it is evident that these industries have no other option but to backup Office 365 data.

5) Cloud-based Ecosystem of Office 365

Though it may sound unusual it is one of the top 5 reasons to back up Office 365. So, users never know where exactly is their data being stored. Usually, O365 data like Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc. are stored in different locations. Native backup utilities of Office 365 are not capable to backup all these data together. Therefore, users should find a way to backup all Office 365 data in a secured place. Even there may be chances of crucial data breaches from cloud or data can be misused.

Using SysTools Office 365 Backup and Restore Tool to backup Office 365 mailbox on local Computer / PC / local server/network is the best solution. The software helps the user to schedule auto-incremental backup on PC and later data can be exported in PST file format. So one can take backup and choose a secure destination to save the copy of emails & one drive documents.

Reasons to Backup Office 365 Immediately on Windows / Mac OS - Top 5


These are the top 5 reasons to backup Office 365. After much discussion on Office 365 backup, readers may get curious about the backup process. Users can place their trust on Office 365 Backup Tool to save Office 365 data in a secure way. This one tool is enough to do away with all your worries about Office 365 backup. Thus, you can rest assured of having the cloud data of Office 365 safely stored in your system.

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