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“Hello everyone, every month my bank emailed me a monthly bank account statement in PDF format. However, every time when I need to open the file I need a combination of the password. Honestly speaking, I become frustrated to enter the password each time to just read my monthly statements. I am currently using Acrobat 9, but do not know how to remove password protection from bank statement PDF. So, I tried to find some online solutions, but could not find any reliable one. Also, the biggest problem is that I am unable to print the monthly bank statement due to .pdf protection. Now, I urgently required a solution that can help me to unlock bank statement PDF. Kindly suggest me some relevant workarounds.”

PDF files are very common and used to send an important legal document over the internet because of its cross-platform compatible behavior. Moreover, the PDF files can be secured by a complex and strong password to prevent it from any copyright issue. No doubt, it is a fantastic feature, but when there is a need to open the secured .pdf file again and again, then entering a password becomes a frustrating task.

Sometimes, it becomes a cumbersome process when the password is complex and consists of lots of special characters. So, it is not worth to waste time to enter password repeatedly. Therefore, in this article, we are going to provide the various techniques that can remove password protection from bank statement PDF without any trouble.

Grab the Best Bank Statement PDF Password Remover

If the user wants a reliable and secure way to remove password protection from bank statement PDF, then use SysTools PDF Unlocker Software.  This utility allows users to remove PDF password of bank statements without any hassle. It is a standalone application whose strong algorithm is capable to eliminate owner level password security. Moreover, this bank statement PDF password remover ensures that there will be no modification in the PDF file during the unlocking process.

The plus point of the utility is, it users can remove complex or long password without any trouble. Apart from this, it can eliminate print, edit, copy, signature restrictions from the PDF files. Furthermore, the tool is available for Windows as well as Mac users. The best part of the software is it does not require the installation of Adobe Acrobat for unlock bank statement PDF files.

Steps to Remove Password Protection from Bank Statement PDF

The following instructions of this bank statement PDF password remover are performed on Windows 10 platform. Now, go through the steps below to unlock the monthly bank statement PDF document.

1. Download the PDF Unlocker Software and install it.

2. Once it is installed successfully, click on Unlock option from the top menu bar.

3. Go to Browse and upload the monthly bank account statement .pdf file.

4. In detailed pane, you can clearly see all the restrictions applied to an uploaded PDF file.

5. Next, provide a location for the resultant unlocked file under Select Destination box.

6. Click on Unlock PDF and provide the password associated with PDF file.

7. Once the file gets unlocked successfully, you will view your bank statement without any password.

How to Unlock Bank Statement PDF File Using Chrome?

The Chrome browser method is the first choice of users to remove password protection from bank statement PDF because it is free of cost. If a user has an installation of Chrome on Windows, Linux, or any other Operating system, then this method can be used easily. One can need to go through the below instructions carefully.

1. Open your Chrome browser on Windows system.

2. Press Ctrl along with O key to locating the .pdf file.

3. The Open window pops-up on the screen, search monthly bank statement PDF file and hit Open button.

4. As soon as you click on Open, a Password required dialog box appear on the screen. If your .pdf file is not secured, then this box will not generate.

5. Type the password associated with your .pdf file and click on the Submit button.

6. Now, click on Print Icon present at the top-right corner. Alternatively, you can also press CTRL+P in order to open the print menu.

7. Click on the Change button under the Destination section. A new window appears on the screen named as Select a destination. Here, you need to choose Save as PDF file option.

8. Click on Save under Print section. The Save As windows appear on the screen, provide a destination location and type an appropriate name to the file. Then, click on the Save button.

9. By doing this, a new .pdf file will be created on the system that does not have any password security.

Use Mac Preview to Remove Password Security from Bank Statement PDF

This workaround is for Mac OS X users. They can use the default Preview application and can unlock bank statement PDF document.

1. First, you need to open the PDF file in Preview Image Viewer application.

enter password Remove Password Protection from Bank Statement PDF - Get the Solution

2. After that, provide the password to view the content of the .pdf file.

3. Navigate to File tab and select Print option.

Note: Make sure the Encrypt option is unchecked

4. A dialog box appears on the screen. Go to PDF drop-down button and choose the option Save as PDF. Then, click on Print.

unlock Remove Password Protection from Bank Statement PDF - Get the Solution

5. Next, provide a location and suitable name for unlocked .pdf file and click on Save.

6. Finally, a new .pdf file created on the system with the same information but without the password security.

Summing Up

Users feeling tensed when they need to enter the password, again and again, to just see the monthly bank statement. So, considering this query, we have discussed three different approaches that can remove password protection from bank statement PDF file. And, provide an unsecured file that does not require any password.

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