Restore Libraries in Windows 8.1

Restore Libraries in Windows 8.1

You’ve just installed Windows 8.1 and notice that the libraries are gone, where have to go? Why are they gone? Microsoft decided to disable libraries by default in the file explorer Window, but they are not gone, the libraries you made in Windows 8 are still there but only hidden!

Libraries gone!
Save file as…. Library is gone?!

How-to Restore them…

There are actually two ways to restore the libraries in your file explorer, and they both really simply, I would stick with number one.

Method 1

  1. Open any program that can save files, such as Wordpad
  2. Click on Save As
  3. Right-click the left context menu (see image) and select Show libraries 
Right context menu


Method 2

  1. Open File Explorer (Windows Explorer)
  2. Click on View
  3. Click on Options
  4. Click on Change Folder and Search Options
  5. Under navigation pane, enable Show Libraries
Navigation Pane
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