Review: Citrio, a new modern browser

Citrio you may never have heard of it. and neither did I. However I was positively surprised by the power of the Citrio Browser. First things first, Citrio is a web browser just like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and so on. But this browser offers things by itself that you would normally require add-ons for and so on.

Citrio is based upon the framework Chromium which is Google Chrome based upon as well. This makes Citrio look like Google Chrome and the best thing is, it has everything Google Chrome offers and more!


Like I said the browser has everything Google Chrome has and more. I want to highlight the “more” part of the software. It has a built-in Video Downloader, Advance Download Manager, Share Manager and a news hub.

One of the advantages of the “advance” download manager is the possibility to download torrent files without installing any torrent downloader on your computer. Some other features of the “advanced” download manager is that it has a very detailed view of the status of all your downloads including all the technical information. But let’s be honest… how often do you look at your download speed? You just want to know when it’s finished.

Another great feature is the built-in video downloader in Citrio. This allows you to download videos from, for example, Youtube, Dailymotion and other video streaming websites (watch out with Copyright!) without having to install any extension (the video download itself is an extension preinstalled).

The share manager itself is not very special and is precisely what the name itself will tell you. It helps you share certain web content on your social accounts like facebook and twitter.

Citrio comes with some nice preinstalled extensions to its software. However it did make unwanted shortcuts on my desktop to Facebook and other sites. On features the program scores 8.5/10

Design and Ease of Use

Citrio is built on the chromium framework which makes is very familiar to users since they most likely came in contact with Google Chrome at an earlier point. Citrio hasn’t got any major design differences from Google Chrome and looks almost identical. The main advantage of Citrio is that you can install any extension that you could install in Google Chrome making the browser features easy to expand.

I do find it a bit disappointing that Citrio didn’t make more of an effort to be unique. Change the default Chromium design and go with their own that would have made a huge difference.

Just like Google Chrome and other Chromium forks the browser itself can sometimes eat your entire system ram, especially on tablets which in return quickly drains your battery. One of the reasons I stopped using Chrome on my Surface Pro 3 tablet was precisely for that reason. However I do love to use Citrio on my main computer. The program scores a 6 in design for not being that unique, they try to be too safe. And scores a 9.5 in ease of use.


Citrio is a good, fast and reliable browser which comes packed with some great extensions making your life on the internet better every day. However they could have gone with a less safe approach to the design and created their own above the Chromium framework. Nevertheless, features and ease of use beat many competitors. Making the final verdict of the program 8 on 10 and therefor a very good program.


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