Review Transferring Files easier with EaseUS Todo Transfer

People who have ever done it will know, transferring files between your systems can be a pain in the …. However with Windows Easy Transfer it all became a bit easier. EaseUS Todo Transfer seeks to improve this experience even further.

We’ve reviewed quite a few EaseUS programs in the past and till now we haven’t been really disappointed. Let’s hope that this product doesn’t disappoint us as well.


You have 3 ways of transferring data from your computer to another location.

What makes EaseUS Todo Transfer so special? The ability to copy programs from system to system without having to reinstall them (in my test some programs did break). Of course like they say on their website as well. Most program will need to be reactivated since licenses tend to break when transferring to another computer.

Another great feature is the possibility to choose which programs and or filers you want to transfer to you other computers.

Overall we would score the features of this program a solid 9 out of 10. With little room to improve. It’s packing the deal, I would however love the feature to use a NAS as a transfer method.

Design and Ease of Use

The design is very basic but meets its purpose. There are no fancy elements that might confuse the user and the colours are easy to read.

The program is well taught out making it easy to use for people with any kind of technical skill and experience.

Like most EaseUS programs this one is very simple to use as well. All the features are straightforward and well explained. You don’t need much technical knowledge to use this program. If you do however get into troubles their sites provide plenty of tutorials and frequently asked questions which will help you on the way.

Overall verdict

Once again EaseUS provides us with a great tool that does exactly what it’s designed for with no additional setting up time or learning how to use the program. The feature set of the program is great and easy to use. The design and the ease of use are as explained great as well. Therefore we would score EaseUS Todo PCTrans a solid 9.5 out of 10. It simply does what it’s supposed to, we only miss the NAS possibility as we discussed.

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