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Safe online Torrenting with – Watch your Torrents Online

Torrenting is becoming more and more a questionable subject while many people use it to download movies, tv series, games, music, ebooks and so much more illegally online some do actually use it to download copyright and royalty free content from the internet which is, of course, legal to do. No matter in which of those two groups you belong you want to have an safe online torrenting experience. This is where get’s our attention. is a service that allows you to download torrents safely to their cloud storage. In other words, you do not download anything at all to your computer but you download it to the servers. After it’s finished downloading you can play the movie you downloaded or listen to the music you downloaded.


It’s free – or Cheap!

A good thing about is that they have a free service package, by clicking on the banner above you can sign up for their free package and try out their service. While their free service is good the restrictions are a bit harsh. If you really want to download movies or music to your cloud storage then you will need to sign up for a paid package. Their cheapest package starts at only 5 USD a month which isn’t really all that much.



While we discourage the use of this service for illegal downloading (the Terms of Service of BitPort also forbid it) we do understand that some people will still try it. We all know adding your Credit Card or Paypal payment information to your account is a risk since it’s linked to you. BitPort also seems to know this and, therefore, give their users the option to use BitCoins to pay for the Secure Online Torrenting service that BitPort offers you.

But if you really want to be safe you should signup using a VPN connection and pay using Bitcoins, but that´s only for real paranoid people.

Worldwide Access

The great thing of downloading torrents to your cloud is that you can access your cloud from anywhere in the world using their website or your mobile phone. There is even no need to download any app the website is fully functional on your mobile phone!


If the file you downloaded is not supported by the browser you are trying to view it from then BitPort will automatically suggest you to convert the video file to a file that can be played in the browser. If you agree BitPort will also do the conversion for you while you wait.

Fast Downloads offers some lightning fast download speeds and we are only on the free package. We’ve downloaded the trailer for X-Men to avoid any copyright issues to our Cloud account to see how much speed we could achieve on We hit over 15MB/s which is a great result, a really good result actually. We were surprised by this speed. Safe Torrent Downloading

The fast download speeds is really something we like. Using BitPort Secure Torreting you can download any file you want and moments later you can watch it. Especially if you have a slow connection at home then BitPort is a good alternative. You download it using their servers and watch it on there servers, so your download speed isn´t really relevant anymore than.


We believe that BitPort is a really good solution for everyone who loves Torrents but does not want to download torrents to it’s own computer. Also using the website you can watch or listen to anything you downloaded online on your computer, tablet or even mobile phone.

We suggest you give the free plan a go and if you like it you can upgrade your account. If you don’t like it then simple just leave the service and that’s it.

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Disclaimer: WindowsInstructed uses Affiliate links in this article to generate revenue from people who sign-up for the paid services of We used legal or non-copyrighted content to create screenshots. We downloaded the X-Men Apocalypse Trailer using torrents to avoid infringing on copyrights.

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