Four Things About Windows 10 That You May Not Like

Microsoft’s latest PC operating system is finally here and Windows 7/8 users have the option to upgrade to the newer version. Unlike previous Windows versions, the new Windows 10 is actually free for current users of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

The Windows 10 upgrade might be tempting and it is probably an upgrade that many people should use immediately. Windows 10 addresses many of Windows 8 issues, however we shouldn’t consider it a walk in the park. There are actually new problems that we will encounter. Overall, Windows 10 still looks quite similar to Windows 8 and there are things that we may not like about it. Although we may eventually need to use Windows 10, it is probably a good idea to postpone the upgrade process.

Here are things that you may not like about Windows 10:

  1. Upgrade problems: Windows `10 is plagued bynumerous upgrade problems that could affect users right off the bat. This is a common issue when new software releases arrive and waiting for a few months could make all the difference. It is a bad idea spending much of day staring at the progress bar that’s been stuck at 15 percent for hours, especially because our PC is unusable during this period. Many people complain that they experience a long wait and they are unable to smoothly download the new upgrade, although they have reserved it. Although we have heard about Windows 8 is rubbish, we should slow down before weare tempted to upgrade.Theoretically, installing the upgrade isn’t difficult, but we will likely find some issues. They could range from slight annoyance to complete digital devastation. It is important that we back up our Windows 7 or Windows 8 installation before we perform the upgrade process. At the very least, we should transfer important documents and photos into our USB flash drive. An unexpected problem could ruin our current Windows installation and we could lose our data. It is better to spend one hour backing up our files than losing irreplaceable files permanently. It is also essential to keep all of our essential passwords, so we will be less affected if we need to perform a clean Windows 7 or Windows 8 install.
  2. It could harm our productivity: If we use our computer for work or if the company we work for has issued us a laptop, then it might be quite difficult to upgrade to Windows 10. It might be necessary to get approval from your IT department and we need to ask professionals before we upgrade. It is also applicable for personal computers that we occasionally use for work. It is important to check with IT our departments because some essential business applications may not work well with Windows 10. It is better to wait for a few months for approval than it is to lose critical data.
  3. We need a reliable Internet connection for the upgrade process: Windows 10 requires a good Internet connection to upgrade and if we are travelling, we shouldn’t expect to get reliable download speed from public Wi-Fi or our hotel. For many travelling users, the installation process may take a very long time to complete. So, it is a bad idea to upgrade to Microsoft’s latest OS when travelling, any disruption could cause our download to get stuck at specific installation step.
  4. It’s not much better than Windows 7: While Windows 7 is getting old and the Windows 10 update is completely free, Windows 7 isn’t losing support and maintenance anytime soon. Microsoft has just terminated support for Windows XP and extended support for Windows 7, Windows 7 support will be available until 2020. With five years of continuous support, we shouldn’t rush into a Windows 7 upgrade. However, if we want to downgrade to Windows 8 after installing Windows 10, we can do it within one month. At the moment, Windows 8 gives us the chance to choose what new added features we want manually, but Windows 10 doesn’t. The upgrade process is performed automatically and we are not allowed to be selective about upgrades that we install. For security-conscious professionals, this should be a welcome change, because Windows PC can be kept relatively secure.
This post was supplied by Mark Stubbles. Mark prefers Windows 7 to Windows 8 and he prefers them all to the worst operating system ever, millennium. Mark writes for, a site that publishes unbiased reviews and buyers guides.
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