10 Reasons Why to Use Office 365 for Business – You Should Know

Why use Office 365 for Business

Getting confused about Office 365 for business? Don’t bother, I am going to tell you why should we use Office 365 for Business.

In this article, I have explained 10 benefits of Office 365 or we can also say that reason, why use Office 365 for small as well as large scale businesses.

From a powerful security to smooth integration and even extraordinary mobile access, Microsoft Office 365 has a lot to offer your business. It has some reasonable preferences for business, whether to boost your organization’s collaborative abilities, enhance the mobile accessing or to secure your database. Let’s move on the benefits of Office 365 so that no doubt can pause your mind before choosing Office 365.

10 Ultimate Reasons – Why to Use Office 365?

  1. Access Database Anytime from Anywhere
    This is one of the most antic attributes of Microsoft Office 365. It lets users access their emails, calendars, contacts, and docs virtually from anywhere via any device such as iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, and BlackBerry. It allows remote accessing, which means users can also work from any location along with the most secure and consistent experience. Now, users do not need to rush towards their workplace as they can access their inbox via Outlook Web App and can read or edit the documents using Office Web App. If one needs to join an online meeting then, Lynch application is there for you. So, now wherever you are, just open the inbuilt web browser on your PC and manage all your official activities.
  2. 99.9% Availability With Foolproof Security
    Office 365 makes the emails, documents, and services available whenever users need them. Microsoft’s online services get delivered from the global network of state-of-the-art database centres. All the applications of O365 become accessed via 128-bit SSL/TSL encryption hence if the transmission gets interrupted by any unauthorized user then, they cannot access the information. Its Antivirus signatures are always up to date and it applies the security measures according to Microsoft Trustworthy Computing enterprise. O365 utilizes the FOPE (Forefront Online Protection for Exchange) for protecting the mailboxes from malware and anti-spam data filtering with multiple virus engines. Exchange Online has a financially-backed Service Level Agreement that assures the 99.9% scheduled uptime.
  3. Minimise the Learning Curve
    Users can become more productive with using the familiar Office applications, which are integrated with O365. These tools are very user-friendly and do not require any complicated configuration or setup. It has a spontaneous, easy to learn dashboard, which is standardized between tools. All the users especially who do not have much technical knowledge can speed up their work via this adaptable suite of applications. Users are not required to have an on-site IT group to deal with Office 365 issues and nobody on the group requires to have a special certificate to utilize this product. One of the main reasons for Exchange Online prominence among experts is, its functionalities are easy to learn. Clients do not need to have learn so much about complicated programs, all they have to do is just make a demo or a trial account and begin working with these stunning cloud applications.
  4. Easy Way to Communicate and Collaborate
    With the help of Office 365, users can generate a password-protected portal for sharing large, hard-to-email messages files both inside as well as outside of their organization. It also allows team members to quickly access the files or documentation. Once the work gets completed, the progress can be tracked so that any user in the group can simply determine that what has been done and what needs to be accomplished. One can send instant email messages to their colleagues and clients and invite them for participating in the online meetings where they can review the documents or take control of the desktop. Communication and collaboration are about more than just editing, opening, and sharing the documents; O365 also supports the robust, large-scale data storage and sharing and organize online meetings.
  5. Highly Compatible Applications
    In today’s economic system, several organizations cannot upgrade their entire desktop systems to the latest operating system. Well, it is not essential for using Office 365. The Online Services of Microsoft does not only supports Windows 7 and Vista (SP2) however, it also supports Windows XP SP3. Even the XP Home edition or the Media Center edition can be utilized, although it does not supports the federated identification. Mac OS users also can access the O365 tools via OS X 10.5 (Leopard)/ 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Online Web portal for the administration is compatible with Internet Explorer 7 or the later, Apple Safari 3.x, or Mozilla Firefox 3.x. The Outlook Web App also can be accessed via any of those web browsers or through Google Chrome 3 or the later versions.
  6. Accessibility of Exchange Server
    Office 365 provides users the benefits of Exchange Server 2010 even without any cost and the overhead of deploying it in the house. It also supports user mailboxes that are up to 25 GB (administrators can decrease the capacity according to per-user basis), and the personal archives give the more data storage space. The attachments that are up to 25 MB are allowed. Clients can restore the deleted data items, including files deleted from Deleted Items folder. In case, if a file has been permanently removed or manually purged then, it can be restored if a user has enabled the Single Item Recovery that is disabled by default. In addition, as an administrator, one can remove a user and can request that the mailbox data be recovered under the 30 days after deletion.
  7. Collaborate Easily Via SharePoint Online
    SharePoint Online makes collaboration very easy. Users get the 500 MB of storage for per user account with the storage quota of up to the 100 GB on each site collection. Organizations can have up to 1 TB of complete storage space. The SharePoint sites work with whole Microsoft Office 2010 apps, including the Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, SharePoint Workspace, and InfoPath, SharePoint Designer. The sites can be accessed through IE 7/8, Safari 3.1.2, or Firefox 3 also by the smartphones including Windows Mobile 6.5.x/ 7, Apple iPhone 2.0 and above versions, Nokia E/ N series. The Office 2010 apps and SharePoint Online, allows two or more users to edit one document at a time. If users do not want to install Office then, they can use Office Web Apps for working with documents in the Web browser.
  8. Increased Team Productivity and Efficiency
    Organizations have found that via putting their projects and other databases in the cloud, everyone can access the operation status at a real-time even without wasting time. Every user is involved with some projects, which can be accessed any time from anywhere so that, one can focus on the accomplishment of tasks more efficiently. Exchange Online can provide a boost to the productivity of business just via providing everyone a clear-cut view of the tasks, assignments, timetables, workloads, and much more. Office 365 can reduce the work time spent on the productivity.
  9. Utilize Resources More Wisely
    Keeping the track of users’ projects also means the appropriate allocation of resources to where they are required the most in every step of the way. When the communication process halts and the team members have no idea that where others are in their tasks or the poor allotment of time, the Office 365 tools help users to access and manage the database. Using the O365 application suite for communication delivers a realistic update of the procedure of everyone that is involved in the team and requires to allocate more resources for higher priority tasks.
  10. Predictable Monthly cost
    Office 365 application suite is pretty cool for small organizations as it makes users forget about the upfront costs. It has an economical monthly charge process, which allows users to increase or decrease the number of users according to needs. It does not make users locked under a contract and one can change the plans any time for growing the business essentials. This type of scalable solution may be exactly what a small organization is looking for to work in the cloud. Well, now users do not need to worry about the upfront costs.

Summing It Up

So, what are you waiting for? Here are top 10 benefits of Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite. Now, you can simply use Office 365 online for uplifting the efficiency of your business as it is a good plan with the right tools. Now, all your projects will rapidly pay off!

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