Windows 10: What is new?

One Operating System for all your devices

Windows 10 is meant to run on any screen size and on any device. These include your mobile phone, tablet and desktop. From 4 inch screens till 80 inch screens. Windows 10 will support them all as shown in their presentation

Windows 10 from 4 inch till 80 inch, it runs it all

The Start Menu

One of the most heard complains in Windows 8 was the lack of the start menu, Microsoft heard this and added the start menu back in Windows 10!

Windows 10 Start
Windows 10 Start menu, With Metro Apps

It also seems that the start menu now includes the support of Metro Apps. A good addition in my opinion.


Bye full-screen, Welcome Windowed Apps

Windows 8 ran everything in Full screen. Now in Windows 10 everything is run in Windows, this means that all apps can be opened while start being able to use other apps (without snapping)

Windows 10 Now Supports Windowed Apps

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Task-View Button

Windows 10 has added a task view button, What is it? It’s like the start button on the Iphone if you hit it twice, or the start button on Samsung if you hold it. It shows you all the open applications in one easy overview (sort like ALT+TAB)

Task-View in Windows 10


Snapping is Enchanted!

Windows 8 supported a new feature called snapping which allowed you to run two applications next to each other, we all got used to it. Windows 10 now uses “smart” snapping and allows you to run 4 applications next to each other at a given moment. It also shows you some suggestions when you snap one application

Snapping Enchanted. Three programs and suggestions!


OMG! Multiple Desktops

Let me begin by saying I fell in love with Windows 10 when I heard this.

Yes, that’s right. Windows 10 now supports what Ubuntu and Mac have supported for years! You can now run multiple desktops.

Multiple Desktops


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