Windows Store: Error 0X80072EE2

Windows store app showing on the taskbar

There been some reports about the Windows Store showing error 0X80072EE2. This error means that there was a problem with your connection. Please try the methods below to solve your issue.


Resolve Method 1: Automatic Diagnostic Tools

Microsoft has released a program that can scan for known problems with updates and their installation and solve them, this is the thing you should try first before any other method.

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If this program cannot solve the problem then continue with method 2 below

Resolve Method 2: Resetting the Services

1. Open Start and type Services.msc then hit Enter

Run Services

2. Locate Background Intelligent Transfer Service

3. Right-click on the service and select Properties

4. In Start-up type, select Automatic


5. Click the Start button.

6. Click OK

Resolve Method 3: Check your Date and Time

Troubleshooting method 1

This method is for users with a Windows desktop mode, if you’re running Windows RT then skip to Troubleshooting Method 2.

  1. Right-click the clock in the right bottom corner of your screen.
  2. Click on Adjust Time and Date
    Adjust Time and Date, Taskbar


  3. Click on Change Time and Date
  4. Correct the Time and Date


Troubleshooting method 2

If you’re running Windows RT or you just love the Start Interface then you should execute these steps to change the time and date on your system

  1. Within the start main screen, type “Date and Time”
  2. Choose “Change time and date settings”
    Change time and date settings
  3. If the settings are set to automatically then disable this, then correct the time and date

Resolve Method 4: Disable Proxy

1. Open the right charm bar and choose Settings, then choose Change PC Settings

2. Then click on Network

3. Then click on Proxy

4. Make sure all Proxy’s are disabled as shown below.

Proxy Settings


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