Windows to OS X Yosemite Skin Pack

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The installation of this skinpack contains several bloatware and PUPs (Potentially unwanted programs). These include but are not limited to YouTube Accelerator, ShopperPro, Apps Hat, FilesFrog Updates. Make sure you decline the terms of use durning the installation to avoid installing these on your system!

Let’s say that for whatever reason you don’t like to look of your Windows installation anymore, now what can you do. You could for instance give your Windows a overhauwl. And what is more fun then to make it look like the biggest concurrent of Microsoft, Apple. Thanks to the guys at SkinPack you can also make your Windows installation looks like Mac OS X Yosemite.



You can go to the SkinPacks site to download your own version. You can read more on how to install or uninstall the Skin.

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