Windows Update Troubleshooting Guide

2. Checking your time and date.

A common reason for Windows Update not working is that your time and date does not match the Microsoft Update servers.

1. In the right-corner of your screen their is a clock, right-click the Clock and then choose Adjust date/time

Adjust Date / Time Windows Update Troubleshooting Guide windows update

Adjust Date / Time

2. Then click on Change Time and Date

3. Make sure the time and date is set correctly, then click on OK.

Change Date and Time Windows Update Troubleshooting Guide windows update

Change Date and Time

4. Click on the tab, Internet Time and make sure the following error is NOT shown. If it is, then please see our guide on how to fix it.

Time Service Error Windows Update Troubleshooting Guide windows update

Time Service Error

Now make sure the date and time match the time zone you are in, if it’s correct then you can continue with the next step, if it was indeed wrong, then correct the time and try to apply the updates again.

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  • Bill T
    August 19, 2015 at 5:28 pm

    Thank you. This fix my problem even thought I wasn’t getting any error messages. Just “Windows could not complete updates. Restoring to previous settings.” After trying steps 1-3 of your troubleshooting article and those didn’t change anything, although step 4 was the solution. When it came to the step for stopping the msiserver is said it wasn’t started. When it was time to start the msiserver the response was that msiserver was not responding to conrtol. So I rebooted and went back to cmd prompt for admin and tried starting the msiserver. This time it started and then I went back to check for updates. It found 34 important updates which I proceeded to allow windows to install. This time all went well and now my HP ENVY dv6 is now up to date and hopefully no more problems like this.

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