How To Pin To Taskbar and use it more Effectively

Here on WindowsInstructed I have talked about many useful tips to make better use of Windows with some cool short keys, tips and tricks. For example the Windows 10 Shortcuts list we did, or asking for a User his password for elevated access.  So it´s perhaps time to start to look at the Windows menu. In this small learning post I will show you how to better make use of your Taskbar.

Since Windows 7 you can Pin your favorite applications to your taskbar, almost everyone knows it and uses it. It allows you to start up those Office Applications and Browsers faster then browsing trough your start menu or modern start. But is that all you can do? No it is not, but first for people who don’t know how to pin Applications, I’m going explain it. If you are familiar with pinning applications to your taskbar and just read Use your Keyboard.

How To Pin To Taskbar

1. Simply start the application you would like to Pin to your taskbar.

2. Right-click the Application

3. Choose Pin to Taskbar

You can also open Start menu or modern menu and right-click any application and choose Pin to Start

Use your Keyboard!

Many Windows users still don’t know it, and it’s quite sad, but you can start pinned applications by only using your keyboard! You ask how? Simple, look at the image below:

Windows TaskBar
Windows TaskBar

As you can see each pinned application on the taskbar has it´s own number, this number is allocated very logical; position one get’s the one, till position 9 that one get’s the 9. I would say try it out on your own system; Press the Windows key and any number you want to start.

Now… The numbering system was quite logical right? Now…. We have the 0 left at your keyboard and because it’s so logical, I actually forgot it in the image above. The 0 is the 10th application in your taskbar.

It’s just a small trick but it can save you a lot of time if you like me love your keyboard.

That was all for today!

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