12 Tips to Make Your Youtube Banner Better Than Ever

There are a lot of YouTube channel banner templates out there, and they can be hard to find. This blog post is going to break down 12 YouTube banner tips that will help you create the perfect YouTube banner template! So, if you’re ready to make your YouTube channel look as fly as it should be, read on!

1.) Be Creative!

One of YouTube banner design’s main purposes is to catch the viewer’s attention, so be sure that whatever you choose stands out from your competition. This includes font choice and color scheme! Don’t just use the same YouTube banner template over and over again – mix it up a bit and make something unique (and maybe even funny)! Remember, this YouTube banner template needs to stand out and look good on your YouTube channel, so be sure that you’re putting in the effort.

2.) Your YouTube Banner Should be Eye-catching!

How is your YouTube banner design going to stand out if it’s not drawing in viewers? It all starts with the color choice. Pick two colors that go well together and really make your YouTube channel pop!

Don’t be afraid to use bright shades, but don’t let them blind or confuse you either – choose one main color for the YouTube banner template and use the other one as an accent color. If you can’t decide, just pick a blue YouTube channel design – it’s always eye-catching!

3.) Make Your YouTube Channel Pop by Using Fonts That are Both Bold and Clear.

Don’t be afraid of big letters or having words that go off the screen – YouTube banner templates are the perfect opportunity to use big fonts and words. Just be sure that whatever you choose is easy to read!

If you’re using a word, make it bold and clear – if your YouTube channel uses an image for its background (which we recommend), then put text over top of it with colors that contrast each other well. This will make your YouTube banner stand out!

Be careful with how you do this though! You want YouTube banner templates that pop but don’t go too overboard. Try to stick with a YouTube channel design template similar to what we have here – simple and easy-to-read text is always the best choice!

4.) Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Your Youtube Banner Template Up a Bit Either!

How to make a YouTube banner template includes combining fonts and colors to get something that stands out. Be sure you’re always thinking about how everything works together though – even if it doesn’t look like it’s going well at first, try different YouTube channel design ideas until you find one that works!

5.) Don’t Be Afraid to Step Out of the Youtube Banner Template Box Either.

If you like a design, then go for it. With that said though, don’t choose something too complicated or difficult to read/understand.

Remember, YouTube banner templates are supposed to be eye-catching and easy to read – the more difficult it is for viewers to understand what your YouTube channel name or message is, the less likely they are going to subscribe!

6.) YouTube Banner Design Is All About Balance!

This tip can go along with the previous one, but YouTube banner design isn’t just about color choice. You need to find a perfect balance between text and images. Have you stumbled upon YouTube fitness channels? They have perfected balance!

If you’re using YouTube banner templates with text, then be sure that what you need to include is easy to read and understand. If your YouTube channel uses an image as its background (which we recommend), then make sure it’s not too busy or distracting!

7.) Let the Colors Stand Out

Don’t let them overwhelm everything else though. Just because YouTube banner templates are meant to be eye-catching doesn’t mean you should use bright pink and green colors. Remember, YouTube banners don’t have to draw in viewers – they just make sure that your YouTube channel is easily recognizable!

8.) Don’t Let Youtube Banner Templates Get In the Way of Your Content

If you’re doing a video on dogs, then don’t have YouTube banners that are all about cats! Your YouTube banner templates should be a reflection of your YouTube channel’s personality. If you’re going to use images that don’t match the theme or content of what you’re doing, then it can confuse viewers and turn them off from subscribing.

Your YouTube banner templates should be easy to read and follow – always keep your YouTube channel’s personality in mind when you’re making them!

Keep these tips, tricks, and points in mind the next time you work on YouTube banner design. We know it can be hard to find good designs for YouTube but Venngage makes it simple with their YouTube banner template creator! There are over 50+ ready-to-use Venngage banners and YouTube channel arts to choose from.


Now that you know some YouTube banner design tips, check out Venngage’s YouTube channel art maker and make your YouTube banner there. You won’t ever have to worry about trivial requirements like YouTube banner size templates! We hope this blog post has helped you create the best free YouTube banner templates on the web – good luck!










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