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Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway

Recording your screen can very useful for cooperate meetings where you want to show a product you made without using the actual live version, or showing your friends how awesome you are at patience! There are countless of reasons why you should want to record your screen, but there aren’t very many options available on the web which can do this. Most of the options that are available are either very expensive or buggy. Can Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro do better? Or will it join the list of products that were just… not good. In this review we will take a look at Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro and see how it preforms and what it’s features are.

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Together with Acethinker we are proud to be able to give you this product, the pro version, for free for a limited time till the end of 2016!. Get your copy today at and enjoy the pro version for free for an entire year.

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Acethinker Screen grabber pro comes packed with features and possibilities. Of course you can record anything on your screen including gameplay of video games, web browsing, google hangouts, skype video chat and so on. Next to screen recording comes screenshotting capabilities with the possibility to add texts, lines, arrows, highlights, shapes, icons, etc. There is also a plug-in editor that offers further editing features including Trim, Merge, Add Watermarks, Apply Special Effects, etc.

What many cheaper products on the market miss is a video editor for when you’re done recording your videos. It’s fully featured with all the features I’ve mentioned above and it’s quite easy to work with, which is a good thing since many tools tend to be a bit hard for normal users. More about that however in the Ease of Use section of this review.

Ease of Use

Using a screen recording solution has to be easy and perfect. Nothing is more annoying then recording steps for users to see and your tool letting you down. I’ve had that with several tools and there is really nothing worse that can happen then you having to redo your entire work from scratch.

The program is very easy to use and intuitive to use. The overlay recorder makes it easy for you to select which region you want to capture and which region of course you don’t want to capture. The ability to lock the recorder to an application is very good as it prevent accidental dragging to mess up your video.

The editor itself is very easy to use and it’s features are categorized in a logical way. That all being said I would score the ease of use of this program a 8 out of 10. There is still some room for improvement but the tool is easy to use nonetheless.


As with many Acethinker products we’ve looked at in the past the design is modern and makes working with the programs so much easier. There isn’t really much that I would personally change on the design of the program except for some colour choices and position of certain parts.

That being said I would score the design of the program a solid 9 out of 10.

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