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How to Add GodMode to Windows 10

As a Windows user you’ve undoubtedly used some of the tools included in Control panel for some time now? Windows also has had many under the hood settings, some easily accessible some hidden within the depths of the operating system seemingly impossible to find.

GodMode for Windows has been around for several versions now, and perhaps you would like to give it a run under Windows 10. GodMode allows access to hundreds of settings and tweaks all in one easy to find location, and its so easy to get up and running.

How to Add GodMode to Windows 10

1. To get GodMode first create a new desktop folder. To do that right click a blank spot on your desktop and choose “New” then “Folder” from the sub menu.

2. When your “New Folder” icon is created, right-click it and choose rename.

2015-10-13_1423203. Copy this and use it as folder name


4. A new icon will appear.


5. If you don’t like the name “GodMode” you can change it to whatever you like, right click it and select rename, call it whatever you want, but don’t change anything in the brackets.

6. You now have access to all control panels settings plus tons more all listed under their respective section headings, have fun with it.


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