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Adding Users Accounts to Windows 10

Adding user accounts to Windows 10 is quite straight forward taking no more than a minute or so to achieve. This short guide will show you the steps involved in creating new user accounts. The only condition to creating the new account is the existing user must be logged in as an administrator.

First step is to click on the Windows 10 icon located on the bottom left of the desktop.


Click on “Settings”, if the settings icon is not as shown on the picture below click on “All Apps” and scroll down through the list until it shows.


Once the settings screen is displayed, click on “Accounts”


Then click on “Other User Accounts”


Next click “Add an Account”


Next you’ll have to either enter an Email address, sign up for a new Email address, or simply sign in without a Microsoft Account.

Additionally you can choose to set up a User Account for a child, which allows a parent to set limits on a childs internet abilities and also facilitates reports on internet activities.

Then Click “Next”


If after clicking “Next” and you have attempted to make a new account by “Sign in without a Microsoft account” you will see this screen to entice you to use a Microsoft Account instead. So again make your choice. If you then decide to use an existing email, or opt for a new Microsoft Email account you’ll go back to the previous screen.


After choosing you’re preferred  account the next screen allows inputs of user name, password, and password prompt.


The final screen gives the option of selecting internet use reports, then select “Finish”


After a few seconds the new account is created. To select what type of access you wish to grant the new account click on it and there will be an option to “Edit or Remove” the new Account. Let’s click “Edit” and see how it works.

2015-06-14_144130 In the following screen we have shown the drop down box with all available options for the new account. Just make your choice, select OK and that’s it.

2015-06-14_145651Congratulations you have just created a new Windows 10 User Account, now go and enjoy it. If you have any questions about this guide please don’t hesitate to ask in our forums Here.


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  • ABDOU June 23, 2015

    i have a problem with my windows when i want to add an acount to use windows store ….
    i cant it dosn’t apear any things look http://puu.sh/izLan/3ddae9a6fc.jpg
    and thx

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