All You Need to Know About Video Editing on Windows 10

No matter what kind of video media you’re working on, be it movies, music videos, YouTube content, or other, video editing is key. One very interesting aspect of doing video editing is the type of computer you’re using will dictate the software you’ll run. As it turns out, Mac Pro is still the benchmark for video editing in most niches. However, Windows 10 is coming back and has plenty to offer. Today we’ll show you just how much you can do in Windows 10 and what tools there are.

Mac Dominance Explained

Macs have been dominating the video editing niche for decades. There are several reasons why. For one, there’s the fact that Apple simply knows how to make a well-integrated product. Everything on their computers works extremely well together with almost zero issues.

Then there’s the Final Cut Pro with its numerous features and a user-friendly UI. Combine the silky smooth software with beefy hardware and a refined OS, and you have a winning combo. But, the PC has a few tricks up its sleeve as well.

Video Editing on Windows 10

Say you have a Windows machine running the latest version of Win 10. What kind of options do you have in terms of software? After all, Final Cut Pro, the almighty video editing program, is only available for Macs.

As it turns out, there are plenty of options. For starters, you can use the somewhat hidden editor that comes with this OS. Sure, it’s not exactly a Hollywood worthy editing tool, but it gets the job done if you’re looking for a simple and crude way to organize your videos.

You can find by right-clicking your video file, selecting Open With, and then choosing Photos from the drop-down menu. Then when the photo editor loads up, you’ll see the Edit & Create tab in the top menu.

Using Advanced Software

The beauty of using Windows-based machines for video editing is the diversity of available software. Naturally, no software can compensate for a low-quality raw file you feed it. You’ll still need a few pieces of equipment. The experts from have put together a brief list of what an average videographer would need. Once you’re happy with your raw video, you can go ahead and feed it to the software of your choosing.

Speaking of which, there are so many options to choose from when you’re on Windows. If you’re looking for something free and easy to learn, there’s software like Lightworks or DaVinci Resolve. Both are fairly powerful editors that will take you fairly close to the professional level workflow.

Then again, if you’re looking for paid software, Adobe has your back, as usual. What they offer is the Adobe Premiere Pro CC – a professional video editor that is used in the top levels of the industry. Adobe has switched to a subscription-based model for most of its products, which can be a good thing depending on how much you’re willing to invest in a video editor.

Why Windows 10 Over macOS?

Why Windows over macOS is a very old question with an answer that hasn’t changed much over time. Windows machines are more flexible. Sure, you’re sacrificing a bit of that perfect Apple integration, but you’re getting a lot in return.

A Windows machine can be anything. It’s a blank canvas you can mold to fit whatever needs you might have. Do you need more RAM to render your projects? Simply buy a few more sticks and plug them in. The same goes for GPUs or whatever else you could need to upgrade. And, you’ll never run out of video editing software you can try free.

Going with a Windows-based workstation is also much cheaper. As much as Apple knows how to make a good computer, their products are expensive. This is especially true when you dig into their more serious machines. Overall, you can put together an absolute beast of a PC for the same money or less. The benefits of a PC are numerous.

Choosing the Platform is Just the Beginning

Just like gear doesn’t make a good videographer, a good editing software doesn’t make a good editor. Whether you go with the Windows platform or macOS, you’ll still have to learn the ins and outs of whatever software you’ve chosen.

Granted, it’s much easier and cheaper to get started on a Windows machine, which is why so many new editors are choosing PC over Mac. Once you reach a certain level of skill and experience, it really won’t matter what platform you’re using. You’ll be more than able to switch between different video editing software with only a short period of adaptation.

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