Always install with elevated privileges

By default Windows will ask you if it’s need to install an application with elevated permissions (administrative rights). However if you are planning to install many applications that require these permissions then this tweak will surely help you. It changes the Windows settings in such a way that you will not be prompted for UAC confirmation mid-installation when an application needs to be installed. This tweak does not remove the need to confirm running the installation as Admin.

The Tweak

[symple_box color=”yellow” fade_in=”false” float=”center” text_align=”left” width=””] Registry Editing can be dangerous and should be done with care. Please make a restore point before editing your registry. If you have doubts about what you are doing, then stop immediately and ask for support in the comments. We would like to remind you that editing your registry is at your own risk. If done wrong Registry Editing can lead to system corruption and might even render your system unusable resulting in re-installation of your operating system.

1. On your keyboard press the Windows flag and the R key at the same time (Windows +R) or open Start.

2. Now type Regedit.exe (1) and click on OK (2)

Run: Regedit Run: Regedit/caption]



4. Then Unfold Software

5. Then Unfold Policies

6. Then Unfold Microsoft 

7. Then Unfold Windows

8. Then Unfold Installer

9. Then Unfold

10. Now double-click on  AlwaysInstallElevated and change the value of AlwaysInstallElevated to 1

If the key does not exists then right-click an empty spot and choose New then choose DWORD.

New DWORD New DWORD/caption]

11. Click on OK and close Regedit. A reboot might be necessary for the changes to take effect upon your system.

If you wish to disable this tweak at a later moment just repeat the steps above and change the value back to the original value, which was 0. If you have any questions about this tweak, please feel free to ask them on our forums

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