Most Amazing Blue Screens of Death #1

We are always working on guides how to do things, fix things and how to solve problems. But sometimes it’s just good to have a laugh, so we went on the Internet and collected some of the most amazing Blue Screen of Deaths. We are not always sure if they are real or not (if were sure, we’ll tell you), but funny, yes they are. Beginning this week with 5 funny Blue Screen of Deaths

We tried to credit everyone for making the image, however in some cases the owner could not be found, if you are the owner of the image, and want it remove please contact us.

1. Let’s hope the Airplane is more Stable…

So you’re about to check departure times and find this one… Not so good…

Blue Screen of Death at the Airport... Not a good feeling
Blue Screen of Death at the Airport… Not a good feeling

2. Fake, but funny, Work Motivation is gone

We all know the feeling, but now even the computer has sometimes no more Motivation to work. Luckily it warns you of it… Credits to Pieter de Dijk 


3. Great Traffic Information!

Let’s hope the road doesn’t run into any problems…

Traffic Information BSOD
Traffic Information BSOD

4. Great an Infoscreen… Ow wait…

Hey! Atleast it's showing something
Hey! Atleast it’s showing something

5. Advertising your IT Company

We did blur out the name, we are not sure if this is a joke or real.

Advertisement BSOD
Advertisement BSOD

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