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Back up and the importance of it.

If you’ve ever looked at a blank computer screen and had a sickening feeling about lack of access to your photos, documents, music etc you will certainly be aware of the importance of having copies of all your precious data. The reassurance of having backups cannot be overstated, and something every Computer user should undertake on a regular basis. If you care about your data, you should care enough to backup.

Any type of computer data storage device can fail, and Murphy’s law dictates it will always be at the worst possible time, like for example when you’re on the last page of you’re new block buster 1500 page assignment. Sometimes, if you are fortunate, a failing hard drive will give warning of pending failure but alas not always. Everybody always has some valuable data to lose.

Backups should performed on a regular basis, and the price of storage these days should not prevent anyone from doing so. As well backups should be carried out:

  • Before any upgrades to the operating system are made.
  • Before any type of malware removal. Remember an infected backup is better than none, and can be deleted after successful malware cleaning.
  • To recover data in the case of computer theft.
  • To recover data in case of fire.
  • And of course on a regular basis to protect new data since the last backup.

There are now many paid and free easy to use backup programs that can make accurate images of your system for when disaster strikes.

Don’t put it off, get in the habit of making regular backups, you’ll thank yourself one day. If you have any questions on any aspect of backing up please feel free to ask in our forums.

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