Basic tips on how to Improve Game Performance & Experience

This guide explains how to improve game performance and some practical tips from WriteMyPaper. It contains several quick smart tips, which will allow for optimizing the gaming process to the fullest.

Tips to Improve Gaming Experience

Many people are fond of playing video games. This process brings them pleasure because they are happy to win a campaign, a fight or some race. People frequently prefer sporting games, racing, FPS (First-Person Shooter) and RPG (Role-Playing Game). However, some of them get disappointed because they cannot play the game correctly. That is why it’s important to understand how to improve game performance.

We’ve written this article in cooperation with the experts of These experts commonly study technology and all the related technology subjects when writing papers. They wanted to write with us to share some tips some of them claim to be quite important, which will help to boost gaming performance and let you experience more pleasure from gaming. Let’s check how to increase the general gaming experience:

  • Find a licensed copy. The first objective is to get a licensed copy. Many gamers try to get it for free seeking cracked versions. It may work well for you, but you undergo a serious risk. For example, the cracked copies contain viruses and malicious programs, which may crash your Windows, Mac OS, and any other operating system. Besides, such copies are commonly full of different bugs. If you notice some problems, you’d better uninstall the game as quickly as possible. Not even mentioning it’s illegal in most countries, and the publishers of the game don’t make money which will result in them going bankrupt in the worst-case scenario.
  • Make sure it’ll run smoothly. It’s of huge importance to make sure the game will run on your personal computer or laptop. Many inexperienced gamers buy an expensive display, keyboard or other gaming gear, but get strongly upset when they understand that their device cannot support the game. That’s why you should pay close attention to every feature and option of your system, such as the required GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), CPU, etc.
  • Study its gameplay. Finally, study the gameplay. Consider everything that is stated there. Learn what buttons are answerable for movements, shooting, jumping, opening, etc. Besides, you should know how to disable and enable sounds, music, some notifications, and so on. Consider the graphics as well. Perhaps you should change the parameters to avoid delays and increase the power of your devices. Knowing all the properties and functions, you’ll optimize the quick and bug-free work.

Saving some system performance

We also recommend that you turn on Windows Gaming mode which will result in a significant amount of performance increase. By default, if your system supports it, it’s on. but you can check it under the Windows 10 settings screen

Remember the old days? It was suggested that you turn off your anti-virus and such to improve gaming a bit more, we however suggest you never do this. In those days games didn’t need an internet connection and therefore you could simply turn off your internet and protection, nowadays you need all the protection you can get. So never turn off your system protection!

Updating drivers

Be sure that your Windows operating system is up-to-date (We also recommend if you still haven’t done it to switch to Windows 10). However even more important; update your graphic card drivers. Big brands like Nvidia, AMD, and such constantly release new updates that make their video cards even better (and sometimes, if it’s a bad update; worse) with certain games! Updates however weird it may sound can make a huge difference in your gaming experience.

How to Begin the Game Correctly

We’ll likewise show one of the possible ways to experience new games. Undertake the preliminary steps. Don’t buy games your system simply can’t run or don’t go for settings your system doesn’t support. It will be unplayable and you will enjoy the game a lot less.

As soon as you download and install the new game, begin to play. Check every setting of the game to understand how to improve the gameplay for you, such as lowering the resolution, anti-aliasing and such. Find out how to reach the gaming experience you love, use controllers, personify the gameplay with gaming gear, etc. And also a tip from us; begin at the medium level of complexity to avoid bitter failures too quickly.

Some other good tips, which might not improve your gameplay but allow for faster playing; Don’t forget to create an icon on the desktop. It’ll be more convenient and quicker to launch the game. If you want, find the supporting website of the game and rate the game. Perhaps you would like to improve something. Leave an objective request and its developers will probably improve the bugs in the next version(s).

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