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5 Best Windows Products to grab in 2017

We all know Windows is the supreme OS in the market. For all the brouhaha about Macs, we all know Windows is the software with technologically superior infrastructure that can serve a multitude of needs and satisfy a plethora of nerdy fantasies.


After Windows branched out and developed its phone OS, those possibilities have only expanded. Windows 8 might have tanked on PCs, but the screen interface has proved to be ideal on smartphones. After Nokias, we’ve come to find other giants of technology making their own smartphones using Windows Phone, and that is just the beginning.


We’ve collected some of the best Windows-running devices that made it to the market this year, or have established themselves in the market in 2017.


All these devices are certainly not the pinnacle of technology, but they are the highest we’ve reached in the direction, and I’m pretty sure their successors will only take it forward. Without further ado, here are 5 best windows products and devices you have to grab in 2017!


Alienware Area 51



Dell’s Alienware systems are known for their amazing utility for gaming. They all run on Windows OS, but Alienware takes things a step further. The Area 51 edition is the first to come in a pathbreaking triad design that is being commercialised here for its ease of access. It’s certainly easier to plug in an audio jack or a USB when the panel is facing in your direction as opposed to looking straight ahead.


The amazing lighting as always makes your device look like it came out of a UFO. Alienware is regarded to be among the fastest Windows computer systems around. The performance surely lives up to the hype. It’s powerful enough to play your games in 4k as well as broadcast it live on platforms like Twitch. You can use the device for anything though; gaming is just the thing it is most commonly used for. If you’re a director or film editor, the 12K resolutions should make your eyes twinkle.


XBox One Elite Bundle



XBox One hit the markets quite a few years ago, and the Elite bundle is among the recent versions to come out. It can be hard to assort XBox One into one clear OS. While the XBox OS is distinct, and it is this OS which plays games, the user interface is derived from Windows 10 (Windows 8 in earlier versions). The XBox One Elite Bundle is the perfect gaming device to buy. In fact, backward compatibility is expected to arrive soon for XBox devices as well!


HP Elite X3


Phones running the Windows Phone OS are commonplace. But no other device does it quite like HP Elite X3, which is stylish, has multiple uses and comes with some pretty intense gear to pair with.


HP Elite X3 has some pretty great stats; 16 MP front camera, 64 GB Internal memory with external SD card extension allowed upto 256 GB, Iris scanner, touch sensor, noise cancellation capable audio ports and so much more.


The device can double up as a PC screen as well as a touch pad, and that is the device’s USP. HP Elite X3 still runs the Windows Phone OS, so it cannot run few apps on itself. But that doesn’t prevent it from coming in handy with your Windows PC in all ways you can expect it to.


Microsoft Surface Studio



Microsoft Surface Studio is huge and honestly, it is a little intimidating to look at. The system would probably fit right in on a sci-fi movie set.


The huge screen with touch capabilities, a neat stylus and a hinge that lets you arrange your screen vertically like a normal PC as well as bend it to as low as 20 degrees from the horizontal all make for a pretty impressive collection of features that you often wonder if it belongs in the present.


This Windows running PC makes a great workstation for artists, architects, designers and so many other professions, as well as a crazy movie screen for times you’re looking for entertainment. Touch interface fits really well with Windows 10 OS, especially talking about the ease with which you can scroll pages on the internet now.


ASUS Zenbook Flip



Windows OS plays pretty sweetly on the Asus Zenbook Flip. The device has been pretty well received, though the colors are not that cute. If you’re up with 13 inch screens, you will not find much cause for disappointment with this device.


What stands out about the Flip model versus the other ones is of course the convertibility of the device from being a laptop to being a notebook. The device has a lot to offer too. The storage for example goes to 1TB, and the RAM goes upto 16 GB.


The device retains charge for as long as 11 hours! You have a stylus too! The design is made similar to a traditional tablet too, with volume rockers arranged conveniently similar to a tablet, along with a nifty fingerprint scanner that adds a welcome layer of security.


Bonus: HP Envy 27 All-in-One



HP Envy 27 All-in-One is the perfect PC for the modern tech geek, and it runs Windows OS. It’s not too in-your-face like Alienware; the innovation and peculiarities of the system are convenient but not confusing. For example, the volume control is startlingly simple.


Tap the speakers to mute the device, swipe to switch tracks and control volume by circling the rim with your finger. The mouse and keyboard look futuristic. Not to mention, the PC is touch enabled. You’re going to have a lot of fun with the HP Envy 27 All-In-One.


All these devices run Windows in one form or another, and it is undeniable that they are the best in their respective categories of gadgets.


They’re worth every penny you pay for them, and they certainly cash in on the many advantages Windows OS offers. So, which one of these are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to Carla Thomas from for providing this guest post

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