What’s the best Windows version for gaming, XP, 7, 8.1 or 10?

What’s the best Windows version for gaming, XP, 7, 8.1 or 10? is a good question to be asking yourself when you decide which operating system you want to run on your computer if you’re an active PC Gamer.

You as a gamer want to be sure that you have a stable gaming experience, a good performance rate and that all your games still work. Therefor it’s very important that all your drivers are up to date and that the games do actually work on your computer.

So what’s the best Windows version for gaming? I would say the newest Windows OS / Version is always best for gaming, and yes there are no exceptions. It might be true that your old games won’t work on Windows 10 but those games have to be very old since Windows offers a pretty good backwards compatibility.



However there are some more good reasons to remember and one of them is DirectX. Microsoft decided to not ship DirectX 12 almost forces you to move to choose Windows 10 if you want to have optimal performance for your games and many new games will actually require you to have DirectX 12.




Next to that is to remember that any new hardware released after the Windows 10 release such as Video Cards, Network Cards and so on are designed for Windows 10. Therefore the drivers and hardware will be optimized for Windows 10 and not for older Windows versions. The hardware might work as good as it does on Windows 10 however you can’t be truly sure.


It might be true that new Windows versions might have bugs coming with them and that many gamers therefore decide not to upgrade and it’s a good reason however with all the above good reasons to use Windows 10 it’s really an easy choice to go with Windows 10 anyway. So in the end the question “What’s the best Windows version for gaming,” might not be able to answer that easily however we think that you should go with the latest version of Windows.


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  • haris May 19, 2017

    Is it true that windows 7 do not take all capacity of ram, processor and GPU?

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