A Brief Overview of HPE2-E69 Exam

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is an IT company which came into existence when the parent company (HP) split into two subsidiaries in 2015. The first one is obviously Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and the second one is Hewlett Packard Inc. It is headquartered in Plano, Texas with 66,000 employees working to improve and provide the best the services to the consumers. As of 2017, the company’s net revenue was US$ 28.87 billion. You too can be a part of this multinational IT company. It offers various certification programs and you can use those credentials to get a job in IT sector and in HPE as well. And the certifications aren’t for employees looking for jobs only, they are also for businesses as well. If you have an interest in managing, deploying and designing HPE products and solutions then becoming an HPE certified will certainly be of great help.

In this article we will talk about HPE2-E69 exam along with the various certification levels offered by HPE.

HPE certification path:

HPE offers two certification paths for the aspirants:

  • One is focusses on sales.
  • And the other one targets technical expertise.

The certification exam HPE2-E69 is based on the first path. It focusses on sales. The name of the certification under which the exam falls is Selling HPE Hybrid IT, Intelligent Edge, and services.

Overview of HPE2-E69 exam

This exam will test one’s skills to find valuable and potential HPE customers. It will test whether you can validate and sell the HPE Hybrid IT and intelligent Edge solutions and services or not. It will also test your fluency in the language of hybrid IT and intelligent edge and the important role of Information Technology can play in making a business successful. This exam is sales focused and your sales skills will also be tested accordingly. The typical persons for this exam are HPE sales specialists and HPE channel partners and generalists.

General details for HPE2-E69 exam

  • Note that the exam id is HPE2-E69.
  • The exam type is web based.
  • You will get a complete 1 hour 30 minutes’ duration to complete the exam.
  • You will get 60 questions in total to attempt.
  • The passing score is 70%, anything below that will not be considered.
  • The exam can be delivered in several languages and they are English, French, German, Japanese, Brazilian, Latin American, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese and Russian.
  • There will be two question types you will be attempting: One is multiple choice with multiple resource and the other is multiple choice with single response.

What approach should be followed to take the exam?

HPE’s website mentions a few bullet points in the “advice to take the exam “section. We will just elaborate those ideas:

  • Before taking the exam browse through the relevant training courses. HPE has got plenty training option and you can enroll in any of those that best suits your requirements.
  • Make sure to complete the training program you enroll in and review all the course materials and documents before you take the exam.
  • The exam items will not be completely based on the given materials. They are based on expected experienceneeded from job. You should also have an expected level of industry standard knowledge.
  • It is not guaranteed that successful completion of the course will ensure that you will pass the exam and therefore you will have to look for other materials as well along with the prescribed ones.
  • The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Exam Preparation guide has got plenty of details for you to follow. Read the recommendations carefully and you will get a lot of help from that.
  • For additional reference materials you can visit HPE Press. They have got study guides, practice tests and HPE books.

What does the exam validate?

The exam validates that the person passing it can:

  • Identify potential customers:
    • Discuss Internet of Things with the customers, app, data and hybrid IT things that are focused on customers purchasing decisions.
    • Can evaluate the way customers are rescheduling their IT consumption models to keep up with the changing trends.
    • Can use the Business Value Framework to gather the information needed to have productive business conversations.
    • Can determine how BVF helps him/her understand customer’s business requirements.
  • Qualify and validate the customers:
    • Evaluate customer characteristics and desired business outcomes for selling HPE intelligent Edge.
    • Discuss the types of issues faced by customers when performing Intelligent Edge solutions.
  • Know HPE Competitive Advantages
    • Understand and explain how HPE’s stuff is designed to help people achieve their dream business outcomes.
    • Explain the merits of HPE financial Services and HPE Point next for being an HPE partner.
    • Point out the competitive advantage in Intelligent Edge and Hybrid IT
    • Identify and overcome barriers and objections by recognizing HPE’s key differentiators in Intelligent Edge and Hybrid IT.

What is the registration process?

The registration process of all HPE certification exams is the same. The exams are conducted through Pearson VUE centers located world-wide. You will need an HPE learner Id to access HPE Certification Learning and training. There are a couple of ways to obtain HPE Learner ID. It will be automatically assigned to you when you are granted access to the Learning center. More information on that is available in the resources section under HPE Learned ID link.

What next?

Once you complete the certification program completely and pass the exam successfully you will be free to apply for the required job positions. You will find plenty of open positions on job sites like Indeed, Monster and Simply Hired that look for HPE certifications. You can also find positions available in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s career page. Individuals with one or more credentials will have plenty of great options available to boost their career.

All you need is a bit of experience, and a planned technique to prepare for the certification exam. Hope that helps.

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