Cannot print since latest Windows 10 update

Many user’s have reported having issues printing from any app in Windows 10 since the recent update. The problem was caused by Windows Update KB4517211 and KB4524147.

While Microsoft has already patched this issue you might have not yet found that out.

To solve this issue simply go to your device it’s settings screen and install all the latest updates which are available. You should see update KB4517389 appear which solved the issue.

I don’t see KB4517389

If you’re unable to receive KB4517389 by following the normal route (through Windows Update) then follow the steps below:

Go to the Microsoft Update catalog here;

Type KB4517389 in the search box and choose the correct version for your device. You can find out if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit computer by following the steps in this article

We hope this article helps you solve those nasty printing issues on Windows 10. Thank you for reading WindowsInstructed.

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