How to change the DNS server in Windows

In this guide I will show you how to change your DNS Server.

The DNS protocol is an important part of the web’s infrastructure, serving as the Internet’s phone book: every time you visit a website, your computer performs a DNS lookup. Complex pages often require multiple DNS lookups before they start loading, so your computer may be performing hundreds of lookups a day.Google

Lets get started shall we. First thing I am going to show you a list of the top five Secure DNS Servers.

Best Secured DNS Servers

Google DNS



Open DNS



Comodo DNS



Securly DNS



Norton DNS



Changing the DNS Server

Now that you have found the best DNS server for your computer, you will need to know how to change the dns server settings. The First thing you will need to do is:

1. Hit the Windows key, or the Windows Icon on the bottom left of your screen. Type or copy and paste ncpa.cpl into the start/search box, then hit enter.

2. You will be presented with this screen, after hitting enter.

Network Connections
Network Connections


3. Right click the connection you use, and select properties.

Network Connection Properties


4. Then Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

Network Connection Properties


5. Then select Properties

Internet Protocol Version 4 Properties


Tick the box that reads “Use the following DNS server address” Now that you have your number type the Primary DNS in the top box in the above picture, and the Alternate into the bottom box. Once the Numbers have been entered then hit the OK button.

Flush the DNS

You will now need to Flush your DNS Cache and Register your new servers.

1. Open Start and type CMD, then right-click Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator.

2. Once the Command Prompt Window has appeared enter the following command Ipconfig /flushdns

3. Once that command is done, enter the following command Ipconfig /registerdns

That’s it your DNS servers are now changed, that was simple wasn’t it?

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